My name is Andrew Robinson, though I prefer to go by Annie. I am a retro game writer, and my blog can be found here:
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    Strider 1 vs. Strider 2: Which is better?

    I recently beat a very interesting and fast paced game called Strider 2. After playing through Marvel vs. Capcom with Strider Hiyru, I started...

    Maria- Dracula X Chronicles

    Today I’m looking at another Castlevania game, Dracula X Chronicles, for the PSP. It is a remake of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, where you...

    Godcat- Epic Battle Fantasy 4

    Today I am looking at a very interesting encounter from Epic Battle Fantasy 4. The game series is a typical turn-based RPG in execution,...

    Digimon World 3

    Today I will be looking at Digimon World 3, one of my favorite JRPGs and indeed one of my favorite games in general. Specifically,...

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