Happy Wheels – Why is it still so Popular?

Happy Wheels took the internet by storm back in 2010-2011 with its realistic ragdoll physics amalgamated with hilarious animations. The game was later released on OS for Apple users to download and play for free. With over five million users, it has certainly garnered a vast fan base over time. At first, the game seems like any other racing game…

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The Best Fishing Games – Don’t Break Your Fishing Rod

Fishing games are certainly an unusual genre. Someone who isn’t acquainted with video games at all, or even someone who simply doesn’t tend to like fishing games, would look at them and simply think they were very, very boring. This would be missing the point entirely, however. If you want adrenalized, explosion-heavy action in your games, there are an untold…

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The Best Hunting Games: Unleash The Hunter In You

Hunting games have come a long way since Duck Hunt first hit the arcades in 1984. The fundamentals of a good hunting game have not changed much but the gameplay experience has vastly improved from that first coin-operated machine.  Next time you get the itch to stalk a buck or take down big game, take a look at our top…

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