GamerBolt began back in 2010 and has since risen to become a popular destination for gamers. It can be easy to forget that gaming has overtaken movies when it comes to popularity, making games the primary source of digital entertainment. However, GamerBolt delivers coverage surrounding video games, technology and movies – making it the perfect platform for digital entertainment as an entity.

We understand gamers and those who follow this very industry. Thus, you won’t be surprised to read that GamerBolt was actually created by a gamer himself. With that said, GamerBolt continues to deliver the finest and originally crafted content from authors who have and share that very same passion.

Balanced reporting is important to GamerBolt. This is why we work with many video game publishers and developers, helping to bring the very best in readable content. Furthermore, we aren’t afraid to explore controversial subjects when necessary.

Our authors often specialise in specific areas. In other words, one author might be a huge fan of the PS4, but another highly praising of the Nintendo Switch. This is where our balanced reporting comes in; we attempt to pull in interesting authors and topics that can reflect on all areas evenly. Gamerbolt’s editorial guidelines provide authors with the essentials required for producing content.

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