3 games that have been enjoyed generation after generation

    Playing games is something that gives so much joy to so many people around the world. Gaming has become so popular now that it is arguably the biggest entertainment niche around – surpassing others such as movies or TV in recent years. While there are many reasons for this, it is the games themselves that play a huge part.

    In terms of modern gaming, the sheer choice of how you can play is staggering. While video games are enduringly popular, you can also now enjoy esports or mobile games on the move. Of course, online casino games are also played by millions worldwide and have helped inject fresh impetus into the sector. It is now not uncommon for people to log on and enjoy classic games like poker or slots at safe internet casino sites.

    The rise of online casino play, in particular, has been helped by the changing attitudes in society and the legalization of iGaming platforms in many countries. The USA is a great example of this and many individual states are now choosing to allow online casino sites to operate within their borders. Whether you opt for the best CT online casinos or platforms based in other states, this is great news for US gamers.

    It is not only the choice of how you can play that has seen gaming flourish. There are some game franchises that have been enjoyed for generations and have helped gaming build up a loyal following over time. But which are the three best examples?

    Resident Evil

    This is one of the most successful, long-running games franchises, which people have enjoyed for generations. The first Resident Evil came out on the original PlayStation in 1996 and is widely credited with inventing a new gaming genre – survival horror. The success of the original prompted many sequels, with Resident Evil 4 moving to a more dynamic player perspective. Resident Evil Village is the latest instalment and is seen by players as one of the best games of 2021.

    But why has it remained so well-loved? A lot of this comes down to the superb game design, atmospheric visuals, intense action and interesting storylines. As the series progresses, players are taken deeper into this storyline around the mysterious Umbrella Corporation and find out more about the characters involved.

    Tomb Raider

    If you are looking for games that generation upon generation have got a kick from, the Tomb Raider franchise is worth a mention. This series of games is so popular that it has not only sold millions of copies worldwide but also spawned hit movies and made lead character Lara Croft famous. The basic premise of these games involves sassy archaeologist Croft dashing around the world, hunting for valuable artefacts.

    Players take control of Croft’s character and get the chance to explore cool environments, battle enemies, solve puzzles and complete dangerous jumps. With cool graphics and an intuitive control system, the games in this series are very exciting. When you add in the engaging backstory about Lara Croft then it is easy to see why they have stood the test of time. With the first game being launched in 1996 and the last instalment (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) being released in 2018, it has proved to be a game that different generations have loved.

    The Sims

    Before this popular series was launched, games always had set goals to complete and levels to move through. The Sims franchise changed this, though, and allowed players to simply do what they liked with their character and not be constrained by pre-defined objectives. As a result, The Sims series of games have remained as popular as ever and have sold more than 200 million copies globally.

    This is actually a massive series of games that not only takes in the four main Sims titles to date but also several expansion packs and multiple spin-offs. Interestingly, it is based on the 1989 game SimCity, which was more of a city-building title. The secret to the ongoing success of this franchise is not only the regular game updates that keep it fresh but also the freedom that players have to do what they like. With great visuals and a smart sense of humor running through the series, it is easy to pin down why The Sims is still so popular

    Big game franchises span the generations

    Those discussed here are some of the biggest game franchises that have been enjoyed by generation after generation of players. When you see the action, gameplay, storylines and visuals they pack in, it is no surprise. Their continued success also shows the healthy state that the gaming sector is in and how big it has become over the years.


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