Minecraft & 90s kids: The Nostalgia

Times have changed so much from “Hey! Want to join us for some outdoor games?” to “Hey! Want to play Minecraft together?” Minecraft is a game that was released in 2011 and actually became every 90s kid’s favourite game.  The amount of love and fame this game has received is unmatched.  

In this game, kids create their own world, customize their avatar and dig mines to find diamonds! A game that would make you stick to your screen and allows you to be free in your own world. A world that you create for yourself. 

Gaming for some people is a way to escape reality and live in the world that they create, and desire for themselves. Even coding for kids has become a new normal in recent years! For some, it’s a safe escape and for some, it might be a bad addiction. 

Minecraft has won the hearts of every single 90s as well as 20s kids.  

Games like these work like a charm when you want to relive those old memories of your hanging out and chilling with your friends. When your only worries included completing your homework and competing with your friends.  It’s okay to feel a little nostalgic when playing games like these.  These memories are what make that game your favourite and have fixed a special place in your heart for it. 

Some die-hard fans of the game like to play the OG Minecraft, while some keep on waiting for new updates to spice up the game more. 

One might wonder what is in this game that makes it so addictive? 

Well, the game has marvelously mixed different elements like action, crafting, building and surviving, making it the most versatile game to ever exist and that’s how it won millions of hearts. 

The game was in fact taught in schools for kids to understand how to cope with environmental issues, 

Some facts about Minecraft 

  1. The first name suggestion for the game was not ‘Minecraft’. Surprising, isn’t it? The game was about to be named the ‘Cave Game’. 
  2. “You only live once” gets real when you are playing in the “hardcore” mode, as the players get only one chance. They are not allowed to respawn after they die. 
  3. The game helps players improve their computer-aided design and social skills.  It enhances their creativity and polishes their problem-solving skills. 
  4. It is the biggest selling video game of all time. Just imagine the obsession fans following this game have. It is still the best-selling video game of all time. 

Now you know what to do when you want those nostalgic memories back! 

Call up your friends and ask them to join you for Minecraft. Don’t let that 9-5 job or your career pressure stop you from having a little fun. Explore the crazy world of Minecraft, explore the Minecraft maps, chase those sheep, survive and enjoy! 

If you are someone who loves new updates and challenges in their favourite game, then Mncrftmods.com is the perfect place for you. Select different modes, choose an avatar and fight for survival.

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