10 Best Football Games Ever Made

    There is no arguing. Football is the most popular sport ever and, naturally, so many spend countless hours playing it. While there is nothing like the smell of fresh grass, the tense air, and the feeling one experiences at the stadium, playing football on your PC, PlayStation, or Sega is the closest it gets. It is a game that makes your heart jump a bit and get insanely competitive while also feeling the connection with other players. Well, it’s possible to say that football is more than a game. It is a powerful force that brings people together, no matter their background and age.

    Football is timeless, and so are the video games we liked to play like kids, but still feel just as engaging and fulfilling as when they were brand new. We decided to pay them all a tribute and select 10 best football games.

    Virtua Striker (1994) – 10

    This arcade-style game got two home consoles releases. Virtua Striker 2 was launched for Sega Dreamcast, and in 2002 we got to play it on Nintendo GameCube. If your memory doesn’t serve you well, let us remind you of the premise. Virtua Striker is based on a single-elimination knock-out tournament, and there are 16 teams.

    World Cup 98 (1998) – 9

    This was the first official FIFA World Cup game debut from EA Sports. After finally obtaining the rights from FIFA, they improved the game by introducing a 3D engine. Also, you could finally see accurate national team kits with proper logos and merchandise. This game encountered positive critics, and some used to call it the best football game in the world.

    Kick Off 2 (1990) – 8

    Maybe your eyes twitched when you saw the release date and remembered this gem. Kick Off 2 kicks in the waves of nostalgia. Many used to prefer staying in and playing this one instead of actually going outside to play football. But it was so worth it. The design looks so basic and cartoonish today, but this game will always have a special place in our hearts.

    ISS Pro Evolution (1999) – 7

    Coming from the ISS Pro series, here we have a game that was developed exclusively for PlayStation 1. While PS1 sounds ancient, this game introduced new player movements and animations, plus it had enhanced graphics. It declared itself as the king of football and while we can’t fully agree, it certainly had an amazing reception. Thus, this was the first time in series that we had club teams along with national teams.

    FIFA 11 (2010) – 6

    We are closer to modern times, and this time we are selecting the first one in the series that uses the same game engine as the PS 3 and Xbox 360. The Golden Joystick Awards chose it as the sports game of the year, and with the improvements it brought, we totally get this. FIFA 11 lets you customize your online avatar and have players from all around the world compete with you. Also, you can create, download, and share materials with your friends.

    Football, Tactics, & Glory (2015) – 5

    Another relatively young game that stands out from the rest. This game used to drive people crazy as it lets you develop your club, train skills, buy and sell footballers, and much more. As the game itself says, it is a mix of two other amusing games – XCOM and Football Manager. However, we chose it because it improves your strategical thinking while not being time-consuming.

    Championship Manager 01/02 (2001) – 4

    This football management game allows you to take charge of any club across 27 countries, and you get to take care of every detail, tactics, and signings. The graphics stayed loyal to the previous series design, but it included the new EU regulated transfer system. This game as an in-depth football management experience, so it’s not surprising that it sold at least 300.000 copies in the United Kingdom.

    Football Manager 2017 (2016) – 3

    You might have noticed that we have a zest for strategical planning and managing football players and staff. This game is one of the most realistic ones with this premise, and it’s also distinctive due to its improved 3D match engine. Thus, what makes it so memorable is that it makes you feel like a God of the football world because you control all the transfers, players who’ll pass the game on the bench, and you even get to solve your players’ problems.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (2016) – 2

    It seems that 2016 was a great year for producing quality football video games. The game had flattering reviews, and many described it as the best one in the PES series. Thus, it features adaptive artificial intelligence, therefore the AI adapts to the gameplay styles of each player. Besides, it also allows you to transfer the edit data between PS4 consoles with the USB.

    FIFA 19 (2018) – 1

    We are almost in the present day, and we are paying a tribute to the game that features the UEFA competitions for the first time. While it’s the first to include the UEFA, it is the last known game available for the PlayStation 3 worldwide. However, we selected it because it has an exceptional storyline and an enhanced game engine.


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