The Most Unexpected And Still Helpful Phone Apps You Can Get

    Trying out new applications has become not only a trend these days, but it has also become a means to pass your time and explore new interests. According to researches, users on an average spend 3 to 4 hours at least on screen each day. It is evident that with this much amount of screen time, they are bound to get bored easily with the same apps and are on continuous lookout for new applications.

    If you are one of those who is looking for new phone app which is not only helpful but also unexpected, you have come to the right place. This article has list of many unexpected apps which are sure to catch your attention. Let’s look at some of these now.

    What is the most useful Mobile App?

    • Plant Identification App: This app in particular I found to be very interesting not only for those who are interested in gardening but also in general for everyone. The apps helps you to identify plant from its leaf. It is a plant identifier app which lets you explore nature and greenery like never before. With this app for plant, you just need to take a photo of plant and then plant app is going to search for the matching plant and its description for you. This is an app for iPhone which can be easily installed and used.
    • Meditation and sleep Apps: Sleeping has been an issue which many generations have been facing. With the change in our lifestyles it has become increasingly difficult for even youngsters to fall asleep. At these times, an app like 10% happier is very helpful as it helps you meditate and gives you mind the much needed peace which it needed to sleep at ease. They share new content daily, with various features which users of all age are going to enjoy.
    • Looking for a bathroom: One of the increasingly popular app is “Flush”, which as evident from the name is totally related to the bathroom. Often at times, we are somewhere with a quick urge to go to washroom but can’t find any public washrooms nearby. Flush is of great help in such situations as it alert you to nearest public bathroom according to your location. You may laugh al you want at this app but you can’t deny this is particularly useful for us at most of the times.
    • Drunk mode: This app has been gaining popularity nowadays, as it is for those who get drunk and often indulge in silly stuff. It stops you from letting you drive, make a call etc. while you are drunk.
    • Feed your brain: Yes, this app helps you in gaining knowledge on the go. It is very difficult for us to take out time from our hectic routine these days. The Brainfood app helps you to daily get a dose of 30 seconds of knowledge which may be quite useful to you. So many of us who barely get time to check news or read a book, this app is very useful to learn about many different things as well as explore new interests and areas.
    • Sudoku: Sudoku has been trending since a long time, while another version good Sudoku has been on rise nowadays. With this app, you can easily learn both the basic and advanced techniques of Sudoku and beat your friends the next time you are playing it.
    • Alltrails: Are you are runner or a hiker are you looking for an app which is going to help you in looking for new places for your travel experience the app all trails helps you in looking out for new adventures and areas where you can set up your trail and go for hiking whenever you want. This app has been gaming popularity now it is among youth as people are becoming more attracted towards adventurous events. Similar to other social media apps through this app you can also share your photos and your hiking experience with other users and then leave a comment over it you can also look at other uses hiking experience this to find out which areas might also be interesting for you as well.
    • Mealime: People are nowadays have become more conscious towards what they are eating and what nutrients are in the food which they are going to eat. This app is particularly useful for people who have fitness goals and want to attain a target of nutrients in their daily routine. You enter you goals into the application and then it is going to look for recipes which fit with your particular goals and help you find the food which may not only be tasty for you but will also be simple to make and you will be also able to attain all the fitness goals which you are desiring to.

    Final Thoughts

    In this revolving world of globalization, new Apps are necessary for users to be able to fully enjoy their digital experience. This article has shown many apps which may be useful for users of all ages easily and will let you explore new interests in unexpected ways.


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