Mobile Gaming: Reasons You Should Be Playing

    When it comes to gaming, we tend to think of our XBox or our gaming PC as being the best option. Whilst this is often the case, we don’t always have access to these. If you’re away from home you could try games on your mobile.

    Mobile Gaming

    You might not realise it, but there are loads of options when it comes to games that you can play on your Smartphone (or your tablet!). Whilst these might not live up the graphics of a Playstation, or be quite the same as free monster truck games online you can play on your PC, they’re a great stop gap.

    Play At A Time That Suits You

    We live a generation that is used to having our phones with us, even when we go to the bathroom. If you have a game or two on your phone then you have access to this game any time anywhere. So whether you’re travelling, sat at a relative’s house or simply without your games console for a while it doesn’t matter. You know that as long as you have your smartphone with you, you’ll be able to have a game or two of pretty much anything you want.

    As these games are often quieter than playing on your games console, you can even play  them in the middle of the night! With less noise to worry about, you can feel confident playing without waking up the whole family.

    You Can Play With Others

    As well as being a generation that takes our phone with us you’ll find that most people now have a smartphone. There are loads of multiplayer smartphone games so you can play with friends and family at any time. With so many games available there is something for everyone. So even if you have younger relatives or someone who lives the other side of the country you’ll be able to find something you can both download and enjoy.  These games don’t even always require you to be online at the same time. Instead, you can take your go when you are able to and then quit the game until they have played their turn. This is a great way to stretch out game-play as well as play with loved ones, even if they live a different schedule to you.

    Technology Has Come on leaps and Bounds

    Whilst playing a game on your smartphone might not be your first choice, you’ll be surprised at just how great these games can be. Over the last few years the world of smart phones and mobile technology has increased and improved so much. This means that gameplay is now smoother than ever and the capability of these is on the increase too. Recently that Marketing Week identified mobile devices as the most valuable gaming platform. This means that we’re likely to see more improvements in the very near future. We know that smartphone’s and tablets are proving popular across generations and this really shows no sign of slowing down.

    Are They Taking Over Consoles?

    For you, your gaming console is probably your first choice but it might not always be that way. A recent article by Forbes magazine looked into mobile gaming and its popularity. They found that we’re looking for technology to be packed into smaller packages. We don’t want to carry around massive machines with us all of the time. If this trend continues then the chances are that the popularity of smartphones used for gaming is likely to increase. This is because smartphones are small and easy to handle. With the ever increasing technology and capabilities, it could be that these soon offer everything that an everyday gamer could need. People are demanding more from their phones and this will most definitely reflect in gaming capabilities.

    The Cost

    If you are playing games out and about then the cost of doing so could be a worry to you. You’ll be happy to know that playing games in this way could prove to be very cost-effective.  Although the popularity for downloading games onto our phones has increased the cost of doing so seems to have gone down. If you look at the Apple App Store for example you’ll find that the average cost of a game as decreased by 28% since last year – which is great news for games.

    In fact, you might find that there are games you enjoy which are free for you to play. These will sometimes have adverts displayed for you to see before you can get to the game, but that is usually over in a few seconds.


    When you start to look at games to play on your smartphone you’ll find that many of these have a trial version that you are able to download. This usually only gives you the chance to play the first level of a game but that is usually enough. This gives you a chance to see how the game plays out and whether it is something that you are going to enjoy. If you like it then you can pay to download the full version. If it is something that you didn’t enjoy you can simply uninstall the app and move on to try a different game instead. You should also read up on mobile game reviews before you download them too.

    With mobile gaming as popular as it is, the chances are that you have already tried one or two of them already. You could barely get through the last year without a mention of Candy Crush or an invite to play some sort of word game on your phone. These are a great start and just go to show how many people are enjoying mobile gaming every single day. If you are someone that takes gaming a bit more serious than the likes of Farmville then there are still plenty of options open to you so don’t worry!



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