Game of the Week [12/01/2020]

    Mobile gaming has been on the rise over the past few years and with PC, PS4 etc. titles like PUBG tapping into the game, the obvious competition has tried to make their mark on the space as well. Due to the current trend of convenience in our culture, the big players in the gaming industry are moving in to take their share of the £50 billion mobile gaming market. 

    What are we talking about exactly? If you couldn’t tell by the first paragraph’s heavy focus on mobile gaming, this week’s Game of the Week has to be none other than Call of Duty: Mobile. Don’t knock it before you try it!

    I’ll admit, I was a huge skeptic of playing shooter games on mobile as for me (someone with terrible eyesight and coordination), attempting to properly aim and shoot on my little Samsung Galaxy is rather difficult and unenjoyable. That being said, I got both PUBG and COD to test them out and I was rather pleased with the result. No, I do not play Fortnite (sorry). 

    Absolutely, Call of Duty: Mobile is a far cry different than its parent games but combines fan-favourite maps from across the entire franchise along with playable characters from both Call of Duty: Black Ops and Modern Warfare, giving you a nostalgic feeling. In honesty, it can be quite difficult to learn the logistics at first but once you’ve gotten your movements and shooting down, it’s like anything else, you’ll do it better and better as time goes on. 

    Activision and Tencent did their best to design the game as smooth as possible, transitioning the familiar controller/keyboard controls over to touch controls which are relatively easy to use. You also have some customisations available to make the gameplay more suitable for your style. Honestly, the graphics aren’t even remotely horrible as one might expect and while evoking a slight element of cartoony childishness, they really look quite good and do the original maps justice. 

    As a given for any Call of Duty game, you still have the same satisfying combat where dominating the other team makes you feel like a god. Just for those who might think so too soon, you’ll only start encountering real players at around level 10, your first few games are likely to solely be matched against bots. Sorry to burst your bubble. 

    Offering 5v5 multiplayer modes and 100-player BR matches, you’ll experience a more compact version of the same mobes originally offered on PC and other platforms. BR games can be concluded in under 15 minutes and considering you can play from just about anywhere (besides remote areas obviously), you can enjoy a great gaming session without trying to figure out where to plug your PS4 and TV in. Maybe 2020 will solve that issue. 

    All in all COD: Mobile is fun and distracting and while mobile gaming may not be for me personally, it’s great for when you’re traveling or even if you aren’t able to invest in a device that can play the full-fledged game. The developers really did a great job in creating an overall balanced experience that definitely matches or even exceeds the quality of other similar titles currently on the market.

    Have you played the game yet? What are your thoughts? 


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