Why Bloggers Should Get a MacBook

    Are you a blogger who has been looking for a new computer? Or maybe you would like to start working as a blogger and cannot decide which of the available computer models is the best choice for you?

    Well, there are quite a few available options, but MacBook could be the right choice. Why? You will find the answer to that question below.


    Available Applications

    While not necessarily that much of a significance, it is still nice to know that macOS provides its users with a plethora of available applications. Be it entertainment, education, lifestyle, or, in this case, work, you should find plenty of great applications for your needs.

    Besides, apps you download from the official App store were approved by Apple, so there should not be potential problems with the performance or cybersecurity threats. Not to mention that most apps receive regular updates from their developers.


    Compatibility With Other Devices

    If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you can create a mini ecosystem by connecting Apple devices. For example, an iPad can be used as a second MacBook display thanks to the Sidecar features introduced in the Catalina macOS version.

    Using map network drive mac big sur has is worth it as well since it allows you to transfer files between different Apple devices. The feature is more secure than cloud storage.


    Great Performance

    As a blogger, you want a laptop that does not crash or freeze randomly. There are few instances when a MacBook might have such problems, and even then, a simple restart should take care of the issue.

    Overall, reliability and great performance are two big MacBook advantages and are one of the primary reasons why the computer has become so popular recently. 


    Minimal Maintenance

    Even if you travel to various places, you should not have to worry about potential performance issues. The MacBook requires minimal maintenance. Of course, it is necessary to take care of certain matters, like cleaning the dust inside, but you can do that once a year or even less frequently.

    Some might say that it is easy to run out of available drive space because there is not that much a Mac offers in the first place. But even so, if you pay attention to the computer’s data and review your files, so you know what to delete or transfer to external drives or cloud storage, you should be fine.



    If you switch from Windows to macOS, it may take a bit of time to get readjusted, but the transition is not that difficult. In fact, you will likely get a quick grasp on how to use the MacBook, which keyboard shortcuts to memorize first, how to switch tabs or enable the double-screen feature, where to disable notifications, how to find out which processes are consuming the most resources, and so on.

    In case you encounter an issue that you cannot understand and need help, finding the information should not be a problem either since there are so many different articles and tutorial videos about all things MacBook.



    Another advantage of a MacBook is its security. macOS is not as prone to malware and other cybersecurity threats when you compare it to Windows and other operating systems.

    It seems that malware developers are looking to target as many possible computers as they can. Since Macs are not as popular as Windows, it would mean developing a different virus that would target macOS particularly or spending more time to make sure that a threat does harm to both operating systems.

    At the same time, even if the MacBook is more or less safe from viruses, you should still take certain precautions. Otherwise, the writing you have done might disappear; or, malware may expose personal information. 

    If you like to write away from home and connect to the public internet, like the one you can find at cafes or libraries, make sure to invest in a virtual private network to compensate for missing security protocols that public Wi-Fi has. 


    Constant macOS Updates

    Another significant plus of having a MacBook is its constant operating system updates. Having the latest macOS version means having the most recent security upgrades, new features, and overall performance improvements.

    Since most updates upgrade the laptop’s performance, you will appreciate it while writing your next blog post. After all, it is nice to work with a computer that is performing optimally, and regular OS updates are one of the reasons why this is the case.



    Sometimes, people underestimate how much of a difference having a light laptop makes. As a writer, you may not be that keen to work at the same desk all the time. Having the option to take your computer and find a different place to work now and then is an excellent change of pace.



    Last but not least, aesthetics. This one may not seem like that big of a deal, but if other bloggers you know have a MacBook, you might also feel like getting one just to not fall behind the fad.

    Besides, it is one thing when someone in public takes out an old laptop that does not look that great, and another when that person uses a sleek-looking Mac.


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