The Best PC Games that are Phone Friendly

Just like online casino games, it is depressing to find out that you can not play a particular game because it is not a mobile phone friendly.

PC games have moved from playing only solitaire and minesweeper on your phone to playing Need for Speed and Dragon’s Lair.

Making the gaming experience even more fun and entertaining with some of the best and attractive graphics.

Here are some of the computer picks ncaa games that you can also download on your phone and have fun.


If you know the meaning of Armageddon you would totally understand where the game creators are coming from.

Unlike most car games that require you to break some law and get chased around by the Police(GTA games.). Carmageddon is a Real-Time Attack Game (RTA).

This means that it mostly has to do with racing or beating a particular time limit given. However, this game is more of a dirty racing type of game. It is either you get dirty or get crushed!

Dragon’s Lair

To all the oldies lovers, this is one of the oldest games in the PC gaming industry dating way back to 1983.Did you know that you can also play at mobile casino France, the same game.

Due to the progress in technology, you can now get a chance of playing this fun game on your mobile phone.

However, there are no free versions of this game. Therefore, you have to buy it online.

Max Payne Mobile

This has to be one of the best games in PC history. The game has many sequels and to top it off two movies.

This detective series requires you to solve murder history and prove that Max Payne is innocent and being framed.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars games are one of the most popular PC games as well. Like Max Payne. It has even inspired a series of Hollywood movies.

Knights of The Old Republic still tops the PC gaming charts even though it was released in 2004.

And guess what? You can now enjoy it on your phone as well.

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