Playing Video Games with Friends on PlayStation Network

    Are you ready to start playing video games with friends on PSN? If yes, then read on…

    Sony has launched its new service called Playstation Plus (PS+). The idea behind launching this service was to provide extra benefits such as free real money casinos new Zealand game downloads, discounts and early access to new titles, etc.


    Playstation Plus (PS+)

    The main purpose of the service is to help gamers stay up-to-date with all current releases and also provide them with a platform for more social interaction among their friends. It will be interesting to see how Sony’s PS+ turns out to be.


    Key Features of the PS+ Service

    While there are many more features that come along with the launch of the PlayStation Plus service, here we discuss some of the key ones:

    • Free Game Downloads

    This option allows users to download any game at no cost, from any developer or publisher. So far, only PS4 exclusives have been made available but it doesn’t take long before developers make good use of this facility.

    • Discounts and Deals

    When you buy games under this program, you can get discounts and real-money deals which give you special offers on other products as well. For example, if you buy a $60 game under this service, you might get an additional discount for buying another game worth $30.

    • Early Access to New Titles

    With the launch of this service, PlayStation 4 owners and up will be able to test new games before they are released publicly. They will receive full versions of online casino Australia games when they are first released, including online multiplayer support. This feature is currently limited to select titles.


    Accessing The Service

    You must register yourself in order to avail the services offered by PlayStation Plus. There is no need of paying anything upfront since the registration process itself is completely free and does not require any personal information, credit card details or similar. Once registered, you will receive your PlayStation Network ID which will allow you access to all the services provided by this service.



    It is safe to say that this is a very exciting time for gamers who own a PlayStation 4 or 5 console. With the launch of this new service, they will now be able to play video games on their PS4 through PS5 consoles using their existing accounts without having to create a new one.


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