When is PoE 2 Releasing?

    Path of Exile 2 will be further discussed in ExileCon 2023. When will the game finally be released?

    News about Path of Exile 2 has been around since its announcement in ExileCon 2019. Many gamers have anxiously awaited more details about the sequel, including new PoE currencies and release date. Considering that Grinding Gear Games is a relatively small company and pandemic conditions have forced some limitations, Path of Exile 2 is expected to go live in 2024. 

    Path of Exile 2 2024 Release Date

    Before the pandemic, Path of Exile 2 was expected to be released in 2022. However, COVID-19 has placed many restrictions on companies that are forced to alter their work dynamics. Chris Wilson, the lead developer of GGG, has speculated that the game’s release will be moved later. It is estimated that players can start doing PoE trades and farms sometime in 2024. 

    It has been announced that Path of Exile 3.23 will be announced and discussed during ExileCon 2023 on July 29 to 30, 2023. Alongside this, GGG has confirmed that further details for PoE 2 will be released during the convention. This is all the known information related to the second iteration of the game. 

    ExileCon 2023

    Path of Exile 2's beta will debut at ExileCon 2023 next July | Massively Overpowered

    The next Path of Exile convention will be the most anticipated event in the coming year. A lot of announcements will be made during the event, which involves many major projects of GGG. Here is everything that gamers can do during ExileCon: 

    • Hear the latest update about Patch 3.23, Path of Exile 2, and PoE Mobile.  
    • Learn the new game systems and content coming from the company 
    • Engage in more in-depth discussions about the projects with the developers. 
    • Interact with other Path of Exile fans during the event. 
    • Meet many famous and iconic PoE streamers. 
    • Get a chance to play a demo of Path of Exile 2 and PoE Mobile. 
    • Buy official merchandise for the event.  
    • Attend the live finale of the race competition event.  
    • Celebrate with other people at ExileCon 2023 after-party. 

    With ExileCon coming in the second quarter of 2023, gamers can expect that there will be no major updates about PoE 2 in the months before. For fans who are eager to learn more about the sequel first-hand, they can attend the event by buying either the Regular ($230), VIP ($700), or Ultra VIP ($2000) tickets. 

    Path of Exile 2 First Announcement

    PoE 2 was first announced back in ExileCon 2019. The devs have only provided an overview of what fans can expect from the game. GGG has discussed how the second game will feature new campaign acts and additional 19 classes that are completely different from the first one. There will also be drastic changes to the skill gems, passive skill tree, and Ascendancy classes. These details made many in the community overly excited. Here are some of the more specific details about the changes: 

    • The storyline will focus on the current conditions of Wraeclast 20 years after the death of Kitava. 
    • Character models will be revamped. 
    • The new classes, along with their Ascendancy, will also be available to Path of Exile 1 after being unlocked. 
    • Ascendancy will be acquired via other campaigns and not through the labyrinths. 
    • Sockets in the items will always be linked, which makes Orb of Fusing in PoE 2 obsolete. 
    • Skill Gems can now be sacrificed to transfer all experience points to an identical gem.  

    As fans patiently waited for further details, the pandemic further delayed the development. Despite the postponement, devs did not provide any additional information until recently. Previously, fans thought the game would be released before Diablo 4 in the first semester of 2023. However, due to the confirmation of ExileCon 2023, Path of Exile 2 will not be released within the same year. 

    Speculations about Path of Exile 2

    Due to the lack of available information about PoE 2, many fans have speculated about the game. With the sequel expected to release in 2024, some fans have assumed that the last major patches for Path of Exile will either be 3.25 or 3.26. Patch 3.23 has already been confirmed for 2023, which will occur in the middle of the year. Following this timeline, it is highly probable that PoE 2 will be released after another three major updates. 

    What Should Players Do While Waiting for More Details?

    While fans anxiously wait for Path of Exile 2, they can still enjoy the various engaging aspects of the base PoE. Several Leagues will be introduced before the second game’s release, so gamers can try out many new features before 2024. Make sure to test these expansions out to earn more PoE currency while waiting for further announcements about Path of Exile 2.  


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