Top 10 Best Call of Duty Campaign Missions

    The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most famous and most played in the world. Call of Duty is mostly known because of its competitive multiplayer but other gamers also enjoy the campaign and the storylines.

    You may think that Call of Duty campaigns are only corridors full of enemies but that is not true, many of the Call of Duty campaigns were well-received and are still remembered to this day thanks to some unforgettable missions. Spoiler: “No Russian” won’t appear.

    Today we are going to rank the 10 best Call of Duty campaign missions so let’s begin.

    10. Cliffhanger – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    “Cliffhanger” is the third mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Cliffhanger is mostly remembered for the snowy atmosphere and also for the stealth part where you have to silently kill the enemies while you infiltrate a base in Kazakhstan. The mission starts with John “Soap” MacTavish smoking a cigar while hanging off of a cliff, and this perfectly sets the mood of this amazing mission.

    While the mission begins slowly, everything goes bananas and you end up escaping from the base driving a snowmobile while Spetsnaz chase you.

    9. No Man’s Land – Call of Duty: Ghosts

    I will always say that Call of Duty: Ghosts’ campaign was amazing and I am still waiting for its direct sequel. While most of the game is not widely remembered, “No Man’s Land” is the most fun and liked mission of the game, and that is because you can control Riley, the dog.

    Riley is the only player in the game that the fans really enjoyed and this mission gives you the perfect balance between human and dog combat, and thanks to this, “No Man’s Land” is the most acclaimed mission in the game.

    8. Mile High Club – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    “Mile High Club” is the final bonus mission of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and once you complete the final mission and watch the credits until the end, you will be able to play it. “Mile High Club” has nothing to do with the rest of the campaign, like I said, it is just a bonus mission.

    However, it is one of the most difficult missions in the game thanks to its fast-paced style and strict time limit. Thank to this, it is one of the most memorable missions in the franchise.

    7. The Battle of Pointe du Hoc – Call of Duty 2

    Do you remember the opening part of the acclaimed film “Saving Private Ryan” from 1998? Well, in this mission you can re-witness the whole chaotic scenes thanks to this entry. If you already watched the movie, you know what I am talking about.

    This mission is one of the most brutal and gruesome missions in all the franchise because this level was based in a real event that obviously was way more brutal. Call of Duty 2, despite not being as famous as the sequels, is considered one of the best games in the whole franchise.

    6. Clean House – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    The reboot of Modern Warfare released back in 2019 was very well received and its campaign is considered one of the best in the franchise, and one of the main reasons of this is because this mission. “Clean House” is considered the best and the most realistic mission in the whole game.

    In this mission you have to enter a house occupied by civilians while you are searching for terrorists in the zone, but as you can imagine, this mission takes a more emotional and darker tone. You can see clearly some survival horror elements in this mission.

    5. Vendetta – Call of Duty: World at War

    Call of Duty: World at War is clearly one of my favorite entries in the franchise thanks to its more violent and gory nature, and despite its campaign is overlooked in favor of the Nazi Zombies, the campaign has a masterpiece of a mission.

    “Vendetta” takes you to the Battle of Stalingrad where the mythic Viktor Reznov tasks you to kill German General Heinrich Amsel. “Vendetta” is a mission that will make you remember the universally acclaimed “All Ghillied Up” from Call of Duty 4 due to its combination of stealth and sniping nature.

    4. Suffer with Me – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    “Suffer with Me” is the 7th mission of the campaign, and by a mile, the most shocking and important mission in the whole game. It follows both Alex Mason and Frank Woods in their attempt to get closer to Raul Menendez with the “help” of Manuel Noriega.

    The ending sequence where you can either kill a blindfolded target or just injury him can shock any gamer because it leads you to one of the most impactful moments in the entire franchise. This mission is by far the best one in the game.

    3. Vorkuta – Call of Duty: Black Ops

    The second mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Viktor Reznov returns in this mission, but this time to help Alex Mason to escape from a Russian prison. This is the mission that sets up and begins with the Black Ops storyline, this is the beginning of all the brainwashing and tortures Mason suffered.

    The gameplay in this mission is amazing because you can feel that you are actually escaping from prison while you play and the escape on bike is one of the most remembered moments in Black Ops.

    2. Loose Ends – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    This is the mission that shocked all the fan base because of the cruel and unexpected plot twist in the end. “Loose Ends” is one of the final missions in the game; here you control Gary “Roach” Sanderson and you have to assist Ghost in an attack on what they believe to be Makarov’s safehouse.

    After surviving countless attacks and taking Makarov’s information, Shepherd appears and kills both Ghost and Roach at point blank range, destroying the hearts of every Call of Duty fan’s hearts. One of the best plot twists in gaming history.

    1. “All Ghillied Up” – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Let’s admit it, this is the GOAT. There is no other mission in the franchise that can topple “All Ghillied Up” as the best Call of Duty mission of all time. In this flashback you control John Price, who is assisted by Captain MacMillan in an attempt to kill Imran Zakhaev in Chernobyl in 1996, fifteen years before the main setting.

    The mission has been praised for its stressful nature, atmosphere, freedom of choice, and importance in story; and it is usually considered one of the best levels in video game history.


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