Types of Technology You Should Know About

    Every technology has its purpose. What exactly is the difference between computer science and software engineering?

    Technologies differ from each other because they perform different functions or tasks. Computer scientists study these technologies to determine their effectiveness and efficiency. Software engineers apply them to create programs that solve problems that also helps online gambling industry.

    Below, we look at the different types of technology that you should know about.

    Types of Technology

    1. Electronic Technology

    This includes digital cameras, scanners, printers, mp3 players, personal computers (PCs), tablets, and cell phones.

    2. Physical Technology

    Physical technology refers to all the hardware in a device such as an oven, refrigerator, microwave, electric razor, etc.

    3. Biological Technology

    Biological technology deals with living organisms like plants, animals, and bacteria.

    4. Mathematical Technology

    Mathematical technology involves using mathematics for solving problems just like jokaroom mobile casino games. Examples of this type of technology are spreadsheets and calculators.

    5. Chemical Technology

    Chemical technology is used to make things out of chemicals. This can include making plastics, cleaning products, and fertilizers.

    6. Mechanical Technology

    Mechanical technology uses tools and machines to build things. Examples of mechanical technology include cars, boats, tractors, and drills.

    7. Astronomical Technology

    Astronomical technology deals with space and objects outside our planet, such as stars and planets.

    8. Social Technology

    Social technology helps people connect and communicate with others. Examples of social technology include Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Google+.

    Legal technology focuses on law enforcement, the justice system, and legal matters. It also includes online gambling, contracts, mortgages, loans, and credit cards.

    10. Medical Technology

    Medical technology is used to treat patients and help them recover from illnesses. Examples of medical technology include MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, and blood tests.


    Technology has become an integral part of modern life. In fact, it is estimated that by 2025, over 50% of the world’s population will be connected through mobile devices. The future looks bright for technology, but before you get too excited, keep in mind that there will always be challenges associated with new innovations.

    Although electronic technology has been around for many years now, the development of more advanced versions continues at an astounding pace. If you enjoy learning about new technological advancements, then you want to take a class in computer science. You’ll learn how to program languages such as PHP, C++, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and more.


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