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  • What’s it like to be a lifecaster? We Interview Jane, a Twitch Caster

    With the explosion of live-broadcasting, partly thanks to Twitch, we thought that it would be interesting to interview someone who isn’t a newcomer to the scene. Jane, a life-caster, gamer and foodie, has plenty of knowledge within this field. Enjoy the interview. – When Did Your Life-casting Hobby Begin? I started October 25, 2007 – What Inspired You To Begin Life-casting? It was a fairly new concept at the time and I love being a pioneer. One of my friends told me that his brother was lifecasting on this new website,, and after a few minutes of watching him vacuum his living room I knew it was something I wanted to do. – Do You Find Twitch To Be…

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  • We the Community – Streamers and Their Communities

    Twitch was founded in June of 2011. The community grew and grew quickly. Last year alone there was a one hundred percent increase since 2012. With the way Twitch continues to grow I see no stopping any time soon. With the growth of live streaming comes the formation of individual stream communities that often tend to blend with bigger stream communities. In summation Twitch is practically a family that only grows bigger by the day. That being said there are streamers that would love to voice their opinions of what the community of Twitch means to them. KierzofWar, AvengersStark, and CaptainQuack101 have been streaming for a good time now. Building their own communities, each getting to know their viewers, and…

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  • Woven The Game – Interview

    The following is an interview where the questions are asked by Dakota Barrett and answers produced by Dominic de Graaf. Who are you and what do you do? We are three Dutch guys who all have a passion for games. We know each other from work. Matthijs and Dominic both run a game company together called Alterego Games. Matthijs and Dominic have been successfully making computer and tabletop games for more than 3 years. Two and a half years ago they met Vincent, a freelancer who has a company called Digital Forest and has been in the running as a game developer for over 16 years. We really got along an were doing projects together for two years. We all have…

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  • Interview: Janice of JENBO Productions

    Who are you and what are you working on?   My name is Janice, I’m a (musical)theatre actress and a singer, majored in university in both Theatre and Mediastudies. Growing up as a kid with the SNES and the Playstation, one of my dreams has always been making my own game(s). Some of my favorite games include Star Ocean, Xenogears, Suikoden, Breath of Fire, FF7/FF8/FFT, Lufia and Seiken Densetsu. I’m currently working on a polished-up version of Escalia. Before that, I was working on Startide.   Janice – President of JENBO Productions Why did you want to become a game developer? I grew up with playing RPGs and sometimes I caught myself while I was thinking up new storylines for…

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  • IGMC Interview: The Dink of Half-Off Hero

    Who are you and what are you working on? I’m The Dink. I mean, that’s my internet name anyway. You can call me Joe. I always have a project in mind but right now I’m primarily a student with a nearly full-time job so that keeps me busy and mostly unable to pursue my hobbies/enjoyment/dreams.     What is Half-Off Hero? It’s my entry for the IGMC this year! It’s an Adventure, Visual Novel, RPG, with a comedic storyline. At least I’ve been told it’s funny? Humor is subjective and all that. Of course, it’s more than that too I think. I tried to do something different with the game I would make for IGMC 2015 and while it’s different…

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  • Interview: Lucas Schuneman The Voice Acting Ninja

    Who are you and what do you do? My name is Lucas Schuneman and I’m a working voice actor in the Chicago, IL area.   How long have you been voice acting, and for what mediums do you voice acting for? I started looking into voiceover in 2007, took my first workshop in 2009 and got my first “gig” in 2010 (which was for Disciples III: Renaissance). I would consider myself a character voice actor since the crux of my work can be heard in video games… but I’m also heard in anime, cartoons, trailers, commercials, audiobooks and promotional videos.   How and why did you get into voice acting?  Are there people in the industry you look up to…

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  • IGMC Interview: Razelle of Grist of Flies

    Who are you and what are you working on? My name is Razelle; on the internet I just use the last name Lockwood to keep any semblance of privacy intact. Although,  I’ve never met anyone with my name in my everyday life or even online. Grist of Flies is the first game I’ve released publicly, but I’ve been working on two other games off and on, one which will be an episodic story that I plan on finally unveiling sometime this September.   What is Grist of Flies? GoF is a RPG that focuses on battle strategy instead of dungeon crawling or puzzles. You could say the battles are in fact the puzzles, but that’s mainly for the amount of party…

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  • IGMC Interview: Jesse of Reminisce

    Who are you and what are you working on? I’m just a guy from Georgia. A complete nobody in the world of game development who saw a contest and thought: “Sure, why not?” Game making has always been more of a hobby than anything for me, and I get much more enjoyment out of making something because I want to, as opposed to planning ahead commercially. Currently I’m working on another non-commercial game, which (like all of my previous projects) will probably never see the light of day or come anywhere close to being finished. What is Reminisce? Reminisce means “to look back and remember fondly”. Reminisce is a Metroidvania style adventure/action/platformer, or at least that was the intention. The game features…

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  • Interview: Orange Season

    Hello everyone.  Dakota of GamerBolt here and I recently had a chat with Pierre Lehnen about his new game, Orange Season.  Here’s what he had to say… Who are you and what are you working on? My name is Pierre Lehnen and despite the French name and German surname, I’m Brazilian.  On the internet, I’m usually known as Brian Hudell, or just Hudell.  I’m currently 26 years old and working as a third party programmer for a company located at the city of Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil. What is Orange Season? Orange Season is a farm-life simulator, the first in a series called, Fantasy Farming.  In this game the player takes control of a young farmer, managing his farm and…

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