Karl Jacobs

    Hi, I'm Karl. I am a full time student living in Portland Oregon who writes reviews and editorials all about gaming! Check out my podcast at!
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    Day One Pax West impressions

    With PAX West beginning yesterday, many larger companies are trying their hand at gaining the attention of the thousands of people who travelled into...

    Psychonauts Review

    Psychonauts is on many fronts a ground breaking game. In a review it would be easy to say that the witty dialogue is what...

    Zootopia Money Cycle Theory

    In the movie, Zootopia, Nick Wilde is found walking into Jumbeaux’s Cafe, a elephant-primary 1980’s style ice cream parlor. The result of the confrontation...

    Tearaway: Unfolded Review

    Tearaway: Unfolded shows Media Molecule's masterful touch that they possess on the video games they develop. Each video game that is put out by...

    Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is a solid package that contains an extremely enjoyable storyline, superb characters with development in recurring ones, and a not overwhelming...

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