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Emily Medlock is an avid gamer whose passions not only include video games of all kinds, but anime, music, movies, and reading.

Forever Iconic Video Game Characters of the 21st Century

Mario, Link, and Pac-man have had their time. But this list is based on characters that didn’t appear until this century. Since the year 2000, developers have brought us hundreds of amazing video game characters that we will forever hold in our hearts. Nathan Drake Easily one of the most iconic figures over the past few years is Nathan Drake. For those unfamiliar with him, Nate is the star of the very popular Uncharted franchise. The explorer has always believed he is a descendant of the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake. He has the knowledge of a historian, and lives with his wife Elena and their daughter Cassie. Kratos  Many may not recognize Kratos , but God of War and…

The Youngest and Oldest Gamers Who Made It Big

Of course, most gamers are in their late teens or early twenties. But, there are a few jewels out there that step out of the box and get a head start on the rest of us, never stop playing past retirement, or pick up the lifestyle afterward. Here are a few of those special people. Oldest Gamers Here’s to all the people that refuse to let aging get in the way of their lives. The ones who refuse to live by stereotypes and standards. Chris Bond Not much is known about this player, aside for the fact that the fifty-two years old won a Descent 3 tournament, with the prize totaling in at $50,000. He is currently ranked as the…

The Best Party Games across All Platforms

Considering most party games are part of a series, let’s list these as a franchise, as opposed to single games or we’ll be here all day. Mario Party Surprise, surprise…one of the most renowned party games of all time.  As of January 2017 there are fifteen Mario Party games for N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, GBA, DS and 3DS. Each game has a party mode where player navigate through a game board, collecting coins to reach the end and claim victory. There are about seventy different mini-games involved in each game. If you don’t want to commit to an entire game, there is a free-play mode where you just pick a game and play against your opponents. Super Smash Bros.…

The Predicted Future of 2015 (as told by Back to the Future)

Ahhh yes, Back to the Future. It’s hard to believe that we are already two years past the year Marty went to the future. Remember, the year was 1985 and be blasted on to 2015 in the DeLorean Time Machine. At the time, we thought that the events and inventions that were present in this 2015 were outrageous and impossible. Yet, somehow, the producers weren’t that far off. Perhaps someone actually did pay a visit to 2015 sometime in the past. But, let’s take a look at the exact predictions we saw back in the eighties. Cubs Win World Series Although they were a year off, they hit the nail on the head with the event. Baseball fans all over…

Being a Female Gamer (Gamer Girl) in a Male Dominant Community

Have you ever imagined what it is like to be a gamer girl? This article takes the perspective from a female gamer herself. Let’s begin. Lightning has her problems, but thanks to Square Enix, sometimes genders are not discriminated.  Remember when it was just you and your N64 (or whatever console that launched your fantastical trek into gaming) and then the world got involved, bringing much conflict? Let’s go back to the peace and contentment you felt way back then.   For the Love of Video Games This beautiful gem is available on etsy. Congrats…you have achieved victory over the dungeon’s boss.  Okay, so being a gamer should have nothing to do with gender, age, race, or anything other than…

Times We All Cried During Naruto

As the anime comes to a close, we take a look back at moments that had even the toughest of nerds caught with moisture in their eyes.  I’m guessing you are familiar with this series, but if you aren’t, then you’ll find Naruto games at Poki, which allow you to get a taste of what these games are like. Warning! The following contains severe spoilers. Read at your own risk!  Asuma’s death Asuma’s death was sad for many reasons. As leader of team 10, spawn of the legendary Ino-Shika-Cho, he was a mentor for many. But it wasn’t necessarily our attachment to Asuma that made his death so heart-breaking, no, this was caused by his student’s reaction, particularly, Shikamaru. As Asuma…

Why We Still Can’t Get Enough of Skyrim

You’ve spent hours upon hours on Skyrim itself, let alone the rest of the Elder Scrolls franchise. You’ve deleted saved so you didn’t have to face the harsh reality that you’ve perhaps spent more time playing this single game than you have with your own family these last five years and unbeknownst to your mother, most likely the main reason you haven’t rose from the basement to see her since it’s 2011 release (ha!). Warning! Spoilers for anyone who still hasn’t played through everything Skyrim has to offer. Skyrim is undeniably one of the best games of the decade. Few of us played Arena or Daggerfall, but we loved Oblivion. If Skyrim is even better than Oblivion, I don’t even…

Nintendo Classics We’ll Never Stop Playing

Many will argue as to what is the best game of all time. But there are some games that will forever hold a place in all of our hearts. These are games that will cause us to break out the old 64, or demand a remake for 3DS. These…are our childhood. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time has to make the list. It was rated best game of all time on more than one occasion and with good reason. Perhaps it’s the deep connection we have with the story, the enhanced graphics for the 1990s or the difficulty level your first time through. Not that A Link to the Past, Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess aren’t wonderful…