The Predicted Future of 2015 (as told by Back to the Future)

    Ahhh yes, Back to the Future. It’s hard to believe that we are already two years past the year Marty went to the future. Remember, the year was 1985 and be blasted on to 2015 in the DeLorean Time Machine. At the time, we thought that the events and inventions that were present in this 2015 were outrageous and impossible. Yet, somehow, the producers weren’t that far off. Perhaps someone actually did pay a visit to 2015 sometime in the past. But, let’s take a look at the exact predictions we saw back in the eighties.

    Cubs Win World Series

    Although they were a year off, they hit the nail on the head with the event. Baseball fans all over the world were astounded in 2016 when the impossible happened; the Cubs finally won the World Series. Somehow, the movie predicted this thirty years on advance. This has been a joke for decades, and in 2016, it occurred, leaving the world astonished. Seems the joke is no longer on the Cubs. 


    The most popular toy amongst children in Back to the Future’s 2015, was hoverboards. We still have a long way to go, but “hoverboards” have recently become available to the public. ARCA Space Corporation and Lexus have created real, working models, and in 2016, the Flyboard Air graced the Guinness book by flying 2,252.4 meters. The most popular type of board available to the public at this time is the two-wheeled (for safety reasons) self-balancing overboard. 

    Self-Lacing Sneakers

    In 2016, Nike released a new pair of shoes that laced themselves. We recall how in Marty’s future, he is given clothing to match the year. One of these items is self-lacing trainers. He is astonished at their ability to lace up without his input. Soon, people around the world will be sporting kicks just like Marty’s.  Well, you can now get your very own pair of these shoes at quite the hefty price from Nike. But it is said that in just a few years, if reception is good, and all the little tweaks are worked out, about half of all Nike shoes will be self-lacing. 

    Biff Becomes President

    Many call this offensive, but it simply a fact. You can see from the hair, personality, billionaire status, and anger, that the two resemble each other. We won’t go into exactly how “Biff” is portrayed in the movie. But no kidding; it has been confirmed that Biff Tannen was based off of our current president of the United States. Interesting how a movie could predict that a specific celebrity would become our president. Amazing how they could guess the exact one, who at the time was simply a 30-something version of his 2017 self.

    Computer Tablets

    These days nearly everyone has an iPad or tablet of some sort. When these came on the market, we were ecstatic and surprised that we could have our very own PC in our hands, with a touch screen and no keyboard. But in Back to the Future II, we see Doc and Marty’s family with tablets of their own. We also see the clock tower guy with one in his hand. 

    Hundreds of TV Channels

    Marty is shocked to see how many channels are available at his home. Hundreds! Now, with DirecTV and Dish we see that nearly every home has an even better setup than Marty’s family did. They watch their large, wall-mounted TV and it is said that there are hundreds of channels and surely nothing on.


    Playing a game where you have to use your hands? In Back to the Future’s 2015 these games were for babies. Today, we still play games with controllers. But there are also games used on Kinect as well as Sony and Nintendo equals. The dream of kids everywhere since the first consoles were released has truly come true. 

    Skype and Other Video Calling


    In “2015” we see Marty’s family using a video calling app on their laptop (which are also now taken for granted. In 1985, this was amazing. In 2017, we take it for granted as a part of life; as simple as using a landline, or even more so for today’s kids. 

    Virtual Reality

    The nightmare of kids being distracted from dinner with video glasses has become a reality. In Back to the Future, Marty’s kids are seen using “video glasses” during dinner. At the time, this seemed rather impossible, but today, we use devices such as PlayStation VR, Google Glasses, and the Oculus without giving it a second thought.

    Flying Cars

    For decades movies, TV shows, and books have been teasing flying cars as something that is present in the future. But it has always been looked at as a joke, something near impossible. Although they are not yet available to the public, they are on their way. They do exist, and multiple companies have indeed created working prototypes. Don’t be surprised when in the next couple of years you see a few of these guys cruising the streets.

    There are more predictions, and similarities between our 2015 and Marty Mcfly’s, as well as a few differences. I suggest you re-watch the trilogy, or even just the second one (where the information in this article was retrieved) to see for yourself. Perhaps you’ll spot something no one has ever noticed before.


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