Games I Hope to See Release On The Nintendo Switch

    With Nintendo’s new console becoming available from March 2017, I thought it would be ideal to list some of the games I hope to see release. Whilst Sony’s PlayStation 4 has dominated the 8th-gen scene to date, it will be somewhat refreshing to see what Nintendo can actually do with their Switch. The exciting part to any console release is the games that will become available, so let’s go ahead and ponder some possible gems.

    Golden Eye Remastered


    What an absolute diamond this was for the Nintendo 64, we’ve even seen fans attempt to re-make the title in glorious HD, GoldenEye Source, as can be seen above. Of course, I’d also like to see another Bond title too, but having a remake of this would surely go down well with fans. It would capture the great gameplay found within the 64 version, plus a few extras, but the improved visuals would be a real highlight. The addition of a great online mode would also make sense. Let’s keep our figures crossed and hope that Nintendo can bring this one to fruition once again.

    Crazy Taxi 4


    Who would think that making a game about driving a taxi could be so entertaining? Yet Crazy Taxi accomplishes just that. Racing through vibrant and colourful cities at top speed, like a maniac, in order to collect fares at the quickest possible time, is just what this franchise is all about. Perhaps some new ideas and a little innovation could really excel the series into a stronger direction. New game modes, an online mode, and a huge map would really be impressive. Thus, I’d really like to see the series continue with a great release on the Switch.

    Diddy Kong Racing 2


    Any fan of the racing genre is sure to be excited by the possibility of a Mario Kart alternative. In fact, we already know that Mario Kart 8 will be a Switch release, so why not widen the racing choice with a Diddy Kong Racing 2? The mixture of colour-rich racing, weapons, vehicle variety, combined with iconic characters is what made Diddy Kong Racing a triumph. The original release came on the N64 back in 1997, but could we soon see a return? Let’s hope so.

    Sonic The Hedgehog 5


    He’s arguably the world’s most popular hedgehog, and he came to fame as a video game character back in 1991.  We have SEGA to thanks for this. Of course, the Switch would be the perfect console to release Sonic The Hedgehog 5, which would delve deeper into gameplay like never seen before. Ring collecting, exploring, and enemy busting would surely be better than previously witnessed. So, let’s hope that Nintendo is able to strike an exclusive deal with SEGA on this one.

    Super Mario


    How on earth couldn’t I mention a Super Mario title? That would just be crazy. He’s the most iconic character to feature within Nintendo games, at least that’s how I see it. Word, has it that Super Mario will actually be a launch title. This is hardly rumour either, since Nintendo actually show a quick clip of this within the announcement trailer. The few second clip doesn’t say much, but it looks totally awesome. The visuals look breathing taking, the environment stunning, it’s surely Mario 64 all over again. I actually think that people might buy the console solely to play this game – I believe that it will be the Mario 64 of the Switch – a title that captivates everybody.

    If I’m honest, the Nintendo Wii didn’t get me excited, it focused too heavily on how to play games, rather than the titles themselves. But this time around, the vibes are obvious; I cannot wait for the Switch. I think that we will see Nintendo focus on what they are best at: making great games. Whilst not a beast in the visuals department, it will be more than good enough to experience some absolute masterpieces.

    This was just a few games that I hope to see. Which are you dreaming of? Be sure you leave your thoughts within the comments below.


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