Massive Battlefield 1 Update, How it Helps You!

    Battlefield 1 has been out on the market for twenty-seven days now and already we are seeing a massive update to both the online multiplayer and single player campaign modes. This article will be a watered down version of the update considering how massive this update is, and I highly recommend reading the update notes on the Battlefield forums. Now let’s take a look at the bigger and more helpful changes.

    Starting with operations multiplayer one of the best updates has happened. Electronic Arts has boosted the attackers significantly. This is a good move considering how difficult capturing objectives and holding them during operations can be. In a 64 player game attackers increased from 150 to 250 while 40 player games see an increase from 150 to 200. Both 64 and 40 player games increased the tickets received from shooting retreating enemies from 2 to 3. Lastly the times to capture a flag in both game modes have been slightly reduced. These updates will hopefully see an improvement on the attacking side giving them more chances to successfully defeat the defenders in each Operation.

    The changes made in conquest are much more significant and duly needed. I will name a few changes in this article due to the fact that the conquest is the largest section of the entire PDF. The biggest change made to conquest is the Suez map. Before the update there were three flags each and two placed within small tight quartered towns making it hard for attackers to retake the objective. Most Suez conquest games have ended with a 1000 to 200 point advantage. The changes made to the Suez map now eliminate those odds. This update has added two more flags and made the map slightly bigger. The teams can now be outstretched instead of conjoining in one location to be wiped out entirely by their enemy. Another change to the Suez map is the distance to capturing the flags has been slightly reduced, thus making the options of hiding in buildings slightly more limited.

    Maps and designs were not the only thing fixed during this update weapons such as the AA cannon has been fixed. The AA cannon now actually does damage when hitting a plane, which was greatly needed. Scout rifles now due less damage against planes, which again was greatly needed. Frag grenades also have seen a nerf with detonation a time deduction from 1.1 seconds to 0.7. And the most important gadget update has been the limpet mines. Explosives and gunfire can no longer detonate the limpet mines; they are now detonated by time detonation.

    These are only a few of the updates that EA has done to Battlefield 1. By going to here you’ll be able to see all the updates that have been added to this massive November update. These fixes were greatly needed to make gameplay more diverse and adjusted major problems that have been experienced with the weapons and maps. This update clearly shows that EA has listened to the players and has put their complaints on the front line of their fixes.


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