Turn Based

  • Duelyst Preview

            Recently I was able to get my hands on the private beta for Duelyst, a tactical, turn based, multiplayer, strategy game by Counterplay Games.  In short the game features beautiful art and surprisingly detailed animations.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of spells, minions, and equipment.  Most of which are more than just cards and come to life as detailed characters or objects on the battlefield.  Throw on top of that one of the most thrilling soundtracks that will bring you back to the battlefield just so you can get hyped by the music, even if you’re getting your butt handed to you nine times out of ten like I do.  So the game looks and sounds great, but how…

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  • IGMC Interview: Razelle of Grist of Flies

    Who are you and what are you working on? My name is Razelle; on the internet I just use the last name Lockwood to keep any semblance of privacy intact. Although,  I’ve never met anyone with my name in my everyday life or even online. Grist of Flies is the first game I’ve released publicly, but I’ve been working on two other games off and on, one which will be an episodic story that I plan on finally unveiling sometime this September.   What is Grist of Flies? GoF is a RPG that focuses on battle strategy instead of dungeon crawling or puzzles. You could say the battles are in fact the puzzles, but that’s mainly for the amount of party…

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  • The Banner Saga Review

            With the release of The Banner Saga 2 not far around the corner it might be a good idea to refresh your minds on what made the first Banner Saga good, and what could be improved upon in the second.  For those who haven’t played the first one it’s definitely worth picking up, and seeing as how the saves from the first game carry over into the second it would be a good idea to play though you don’t have to if you want to just skip to the second game.  So let’s take a look… The Core Gameplay         The Banner Saga is an RPG epic inspired by Norse Mythology.  In it you lead a caravan of warriors, varl (giants with horns), and…

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