Top Five E3 Highlights

    This week of the year has more breaking game news than the rest of the year combined, so it wouldn’t be fair to leave it at just five highlights from E3.  That’s why today we’ll be looking at a few more.  So grab your seatbelts and buckle up because here is another top five highlights from E3 2015.

    FireWatch – Campo Santo – PS4 and PC

    With all the action packed, shoot em ups, it’s nice to have a little adventure game thrown in to give your mind a moment to relax.  You play as Henry, a man with a messy past who has taken the job as a fire lookout.  Your only lifeline and attachment to the outside world is your supervisor Delilah, who speaks to you through your walkie talkie.  As your explore the woods and lookout for dangers you discover who Henry and Delilah are and what they are about to face.  FireWatch may very well end up being a story that you’ll want to experience.

    Halo 5 – 343 Industries – Xbox One

    Halo 5Can’t have Xbox without mentioning the next Halo game and with whoever is in charge of their marketing, the game is building up a lot of excitement.  The multiplayer looks to breathe new life into the franchise with fast paced arena combat and intense warzone battles. The “Hunt for the Truth” campaign has made the story exciting again with people trying to find out just who the Master Chief is and how he came to be.  Captain Locke and his team of Spartan 4’s are hunting the legendary hero down, and a whole lot of chaos is around the corner.  Halo seems to be pushing the Xbox experience into the next generation.

    Ark: Survival Evolved – Studio Wildcard – PC, PS4, Xbox One

    Ark Survival Evolved
    Possibly the first early access, survival game that is worth buying early.  Created by a nine man team, Studio Wildcard, Ark puts you on an island inhabited by up to seventy players and thousands of dinosaurs.  The island is massive and can take several hours to run around by foot.  But size matters little if there is nothing to do and luckily Ark has plenty.  From hunting to taming dinos, forming tribes with other players, building forts, fighting massive bosses, and simply exploring the island there hasn’t been so much to do in a storyless game since Minecraft.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider – Crystal Dynamics – Xbox One, Xbox 360

    Rise of the Tomb RaiderThough it is only a timed exclusive Microsoft made a lucky grab getting the next Tomb Raider on their consoles.  The last one brought a new experience to the legendary female protagonist Lara Croft by creating a more human beginning for her and the sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, seeks to expand upon that even further.  Lara has become a staple of video games and is someone both guys and girls can relate to.  She’ll be revisiting owners of either Xbox this November.

    Final Fantasy 7 (Remake) – Square Enix – PS4

    Final Fantasy 7

    Possibly the most beloved of the eighteen plus Final Fantasy games, is Final Fantasy Seven.  Once teased that a remake was in the works an official announcement of a remake was made this E3.  Let it be made clear that this is a complete remake, not a re-release HD version.  The core characters will be the same but the entire game will be remade from scratch.  Other than that though the details of the title are unknown to the public.  However many can just feel good that Square Enix finally listened for once and went back to the classics that made them what they are today.


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