Microsoft Using Promotion as Its Primary Sales Weapon?

The PS4 has had consistent monthly winning sale figures since its release, which was until November, when surprisingly the XBOX One took a lead for the first time. Many have questioned how a console which is less powerful, larger, and has a similar amount of exclusive titles would be able to suddenly turn gloom into boom!



Microsoft’s decision to lower the cost of the XBOX One certainly has had an impact on sale figures, then you combine that with Black Friday (an American celebration where electrical products are greatly discounted), which has also suddenly become big within the UK (two of the largest markets in the world) – then you can achieve an explosion of XBOX One sales.

PS4 . XBox 1

There should be no debate that the XBOX One is a great console, however, you don’t need to look far to see that Microsoft has many promotion roots, including its very own Windows OS operating system, which it is openly marketing the XBOX One for all Windows 8 PC users – a handy promotion tool? Perhaps a luxury that Sony whished it had.

Microsoft have numerous promotion routes, the question is, will people buy the better product, or the better promoted product? Right now it’s Sony: 11, Microsoft: 1. Janurary is set to be very interesting – are we set for a thrilling Microsoft XBOX One come back? Or is Sony set to seal the deal at 12 vs. 1? The decision is yours!


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