10 Things We Love About The Nacon MG-X

    If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, then you’ll know the joys of playing cloud games on your smartphone. Without downloading the massive amounts of data required to play modern AAA games, you can stream them directly onto your phone, playing to your heart’s content without clogging up your internal storage. 

    Although many Xbox Cloud Gaming titles support touch screen controls, still others don’t, and so you’ll need a great Xbox Game Pass cloud controller to play your favourite games. We’d recommend the Nacon MG-X for this purpose, and here are 10 reasons why!


    1. The form factor

    The MG-X boasts a slim and small form factor that should be comfortable for any number of different hand sizes. You won’t struggle to physically hold the controller for longer gaming sessions, and it’s also perfect for shorter ones. The buttons are all within easy reach of one another, and reaching the analogue sticks when you need to turn or move the camera should be easy as well. All in all, the MG-X has a great form factor for Android gaming.


    2. The chance to play Xbox games on a smartphone

    Without the MG-X, playing your favourite Xbox Cloud Gaming titles would be a lot more difficult. Hooking your phone up to a controller makes it much easier to enjoy all the games you love on the go. Of course, you will need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member to enjoy this benefit, but Ultimate is such a good deal that if you’re planning to get Game Pass, it’s pretty much always worth it to jump up to Ultimate and pay the extra for additional benefits.


    3. The grip

    The MG-X has a grip that allows you to slot your smartphone inside. When the grip is secured around the phone, it offers a tight and controlled fit, meaning your phone isn’t going to fall out during even the most intense gaming sessions. Phones of up to 6.7 inches in screen size are supported, too, so you should be able to use the MG-X with even the most up-to-date flagship phones. The grip takes the MG-X from good to great, and you’ll be thankful you’ve got it!


    4. The Bluetooth connection

    Although the MG-X grips securely around your phone, it doesn’t connect with a cable. Instead, you connect the controller to your device using Bluetooth 4.2, which ensures that you won’t have any messy wires trailing from your phone’s charging port or from the controller itself. The wireless connection is stable, too, so you shouldn’t lose connection unless you’re in an especially busy environment with lots of wireless devices (and even then, you shouldn’t experience any serious issues).


    5. The battery life

    Nacon says the MG-X offers up to 20 hours of wireless gameplay, with an LED light on the unit itself indicating the level of battery you’re currently working with. It’s a convenient way to know just how much gaming time you’ve got left, and when you do need to charge the controller, a USB-C cable has been included for just that purpose. You can use any powered USB port to charge the controller, too, so you shouldn’t need to worry about power running out.


    6. The compatibility

    Nacon has designed the MG-X to work with all Android smartphones running Android 6 or later, which is the vast, vast majority of devices on the market right now. If you’re using a phone that you’ve bought within the last few years and you’re running up-to-date software, then you should be able to use the MG-X. Even if your software is out of date, simply perform a software update and the MG-X should work. There’s a very, very slim chance your phone isn’t running at least Android 6.



    7. The grip’s textured surface

    Not only is the grip itself great for holding your phone on the MG-X, but the textured surface means that your phone won’t slip and slide around while you’re using the controller. You can even slip the controller into your pocket (although you will need a slightly deeper pocket than usual) and carry your phone around while it’s in the grip. The textured surface ensures that your phone shouldn’t sustain any cosmetic damage while you’re using the MG-X either.


    8. The “Designed for Xbox” tag

    Xbox runs a program by the name of “Designed for Xbox”, which designates certain accessories as specifically being designed for the Xbox ecosystem. This is essentially a partner program; it means that Xbox can lend its support to third-party peripherals and accessories that it thinks make ideal companions for its consoles and games. The MG-X carries the Designed for Xbox tag, so you know you’re getting a quality product when you pick one up.


    9. The price

    Despite having some great features, the MG-X retails for around 90 euros, which works out at about £80 using currency conversion values at time of writing. Considering that the MG-X is designed for professional-grade gaming, £80 is a very reasonable price to pay for it indeed. We’re surprised that Nacon is selling a controller like this for £80, especially given that you’re probably going to get a lot of years’ worth of use out of it if you buy one.


    10. The availability

    You can pick up a Nacon MG-X right now, since the controller is on sale pretty much everywhere. Many UK retailers stock it, and, of course, if you’re in Europe, you can buy one directly from Nacon themselves. Nacon has a reputation for great controller design, and the MG-X continues that reputation, so if you’re in the market for an excellent Android controller that’s built for Xbox Cloud Gaming and Game Pass, then the MG-X should be your go-to pick.


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