What to expect from Call of Duty MW3?

    Call of Duty is the number one world leading shooter video game. Over two decades old, Call of Duty has three game developers that take it in turns each year to produce a the next Call of Duty. As you may already know, there has already been a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, however, this will be a brand new updated version of that game. Last year, we saw Infinity Ward release an updated version of the nostalgic Modern Warfare 2. Players were extremely excited for this release however, the game died down quicker than expected. For this coming year, Sledgehammer Games have decided to create a Modern Warfare 3 revamp. Expected to be released on 10th November 2023, Modern Warfare 3 will include key features from its first release back in 2011.


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    Campaign sequel

    At first, Modern Warfare 3 was expected to be a premium DLC for Modern Warfare 2. This is not the case anymore, as MW3 is going to be a completely new game. Speculation has arose about MW3’s campaign mode becoming a sequel to the original 2011 video game hit. In the MW2 remake, the campaign started off right where the original MW2 campaign ended. This is likely to be the same for MW3.



    We are expected to see Call of Duty zombies included in MW3. Modern Warfare games usually do not include zombies however, reported leaks have shown this may be the case. Several sources described the zombies game mode to be an outbreak 2.0. Outbreak first debuted in Black Ops Cold War and took zombies to an open world setting for the first time. Most of us are used the classic zombies, on a map and killing zombies to complete the round. Outbreak is different to this because there is unlimited zombies, and you have to complete objectives to unlock the map and progress through the game. This resulted in mixed opinions across fans with some liking the change, and others disliking it. Activision are still deciding whether to make zombies part of the title or not, or to make the mode a free to play experience.



    Another feature expected to be introduced into MW3 is a new War Zone map. War Zone is one of the most popular game modes within Call of Duty. After Fortnite hit the scene with their outstanding Battle Royale game, many other games, including Call of Duty decided to add a Battle Royale game mode. It is expected that Las Almas, the map found within Modern Warfare 2 campaign, will be MW3’s first War Zone map. It’s understood that the map will launch during season 1, around December time.



    Modern Warfare 2 had some insanely good maps that fans want to see again. The likes of terminal, quarry, Afghan, and Highrise all feature in the War Zone map, Al Mazrah. Many fans were left extremely upset when these playgrounds weren’t added to MW2. However, some of them may be coming to Modern Warfare 3. Images were leaked of the maps Terminal and Scrapyard, suggesting that they will be included in MW3. Every Modern Warfare fan hopes this is the case as these two maps are two of the best ever to be created. Both of these maps are very small which indicates that MW3 could be a fasted paced, action packed Call of Duty. Highrise also fits this category of maps so there’s a possibility that it may be returning as well.

    There is not too much more information on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This is because Activision stated that there wouldn’t be a new Call of Duty this year. With Modern Warfare 3 meaning to be a premium DLC for Modern Warfare 2, this would of been the case. However, with the latest new stating that Modern Warfare 3 wouldn’t be a DLC, there’s an extremely high speculation that it will be realised this year as its own game.


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