The Best Xbox Series X/S Games For July 2023

    It’s been a funny old year for Microsoft so far, hasn’t it? Early last year, the company announced it would acquire Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest game developers and publishers in the world, for a staggering $68.7 billion. This year saw that deal frustrated by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, which means Microsoft might not get its fairytale wedding after all.


    In addition, the high-profile and very public failure of Arkane’s Redfall means Microsoft is hurting for essential gaming experiences to draw people towards Xbox hardware. It’s time for Microsoft to step up to the plate, so here are some of the best Xbox Series X/S games you can play in July 2023.


    Gylt (July 6th)

    Tequila Works’ rather neat little stealthy survival horror is far too fun to be confined to the dying star that is Google Stadia, so we’re glad that it’s making an appearance on Xbox consoles in July. You play as Sally, a youngster who’s stuck in a nightmare world and must face down her darkest demons if she’s to have a hope of escaping. The metaphors are writ pretty large, but this is certainly a story worth experiencing, even if it is a touch predictable.


    Scarf (July 6th)

    While we’re on the subject of artistic adventures that have hidden depth, Scarf is also making its way to Xbox Series X/S on July 6th alongside Gylt, and they’d make a pretty compelling double-bill. This isn’t the game for you if you’re looking for fast-paced, high-octane adventure, but if you like exploring the remnants of ancient civilisations and leaping around beautiful natural landscapes, then this should be on your wishlist.


    The Valiant (July 11th)

    If you think that real-time strategy games can’t work on consoles, you may want to give The Valiant a try. It’s got a novel setup; you play as a retired crusader knight dragged back into action in order to deal with the machinations of a power-hungry former partner, and to do so, you’ll manage a squad of heroes with unique abilities and plenty of different upgrade paths. The setting and narrative alone should make this one worth a shot.


    Exoprimal (July 14th)

    Dinosaurs and robot suits – what’s not to love? Exoprimal feels like the kind of game we’d have doodled on our schoolbooks, because it’s basically Iron Man fighting off a horde of giant lizards. This is a multiplayer-focused shooter in which teams of players will compete to complete objectives, sometimes teaming up against bigger (and more reptilian) threats. With plenty of content promised post-launch, Exoprimal has the potential to be something truly special.


    Immortals of Aveum (July 20th)

    If you played Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo and felt like the combat could be special if it was weightier and more rewarding, then Immortals of Aveum could be the game for you. This magical first-person shooter boasts over 25 spells for you to wield, as well as more than 80 talents to upgrade and customise your play style. Pair that with an involving story that sees a young battlemage battling to save a world on the brink of collapse and you’ve got a recipe for success.


    Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island (July 20th)

    This one’s a little different; it’s not a new game per se, but a crossover that should have you excited if you’re in any way interested in sailing the seven seas as a salty pirate. Sea of Thieves is already the premier pirate sim, so this upcoming crossover with Monkey Island is just the icing on the grog cake. You’ll meet iconic characters like Guybrush, LeChuck, and more, and embark on a piratical adventure full of nostalgia and excitement.


    Remnant 2 (July 25th)

    Just like the original Remnant: From the Ashes, this sequel will be a co-op-focused dungeon-crawling Soulslike that revolves (no pun intended) around guns rather than the traditional chunky melee weapons. Expect plenty of dungeon exploration through dynamically-generated areas, as well as the typical massive and intimidating boss fights that will likely smash you into the ground repeatedly before you master their attack patterns.


    The Expanse: A Telltale Series (July 27th)

    It makes so much sense on paper. The Expanse is a great and well-loved sci-fi show, and Telltale has, or rather had, a reputation for creating great narrative experiences. Of course, there’s the giant elephant in the room to overcome, namely that Telltale hasn’t exactly been living up to its reputation in recent years. Here’s hoping that The Expanse marks a return to form for the adventure game developer and not a continuation of (relatively) recent mistakes.


    Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (July 27th)

    The Double Dragon series returns in this explosive beat-’em-up with roguelite elements. You can take on missions in any order you like, and each mission will alter its difficulty dynamically depending on which one you tackle. Original heroes Billy and Jimmy will, of course, make an appearance, but you’ll also be able to choose from a range of other playable characters, unlocking them as you make your way through this action-packed retro throwback.


    F1 Manager 2023 (July 31st)

    Have you always dreamed of owning your own Formula One team, rather than being the one behind the wheel yourself? If so, then F1 Manager 2023 was quite literally made for you. It’s got all the in-depth management systems you’d hope from a game like this, as well as plenty of authentic details and licensed elements from the real sport. F1 Manager 2023 is aiming to be the last word in racing management sims, so if you’re in the market for something a bit more cerebral, apply here. 





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