How To Build A Career In Professional Gaming

    Are you an avid gamer? Do you sleep, eat and breathe gaming? Then why not make a career out of gaming? That’s right; you can actually have a professional career in playing video games.

    Professional gamers make a living by taking part in international gaming championships.

    Professional Gamer
    Whilst these kind of tournaments use to be for older and more experienced players, competitors in some competitions can take part from as young as 13 years old.

    However, the journey to becoming a professional gamer isn’t easy, it takes many hours of practice, skill and an incredible amount of determination. As well as an aptitude for outstanding teamwork.

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    Learn the language

    One of the most important things to do if you want to become a professional gamer is to learn the language. It is important to understand that multiplayer or team games involve lots of specific jargon. It is also important to realise that game jargon varies from game to game.

    If you are planning on working as part of a professional gaming team, it is crucial that you know all the language. Especially as competitive gaming relies on excellent team communication and the use of specialized language.

    Practice a lot

    If you are serious about having a career in gaming, it is vital that your practice consistently. Start off by practicing your skills on easier modes and as you improve, increase the difficulty level. Whilst you may find that you get bored of practicing the same thing again and again, think of it like investing in your future career. The more you practice, the better you will be.

    To find out where your talents lie, practice playing lots of different games. From warfare games to simple online mindset games, practice and see what type of gaming you are best at. Make sure to do your research on each game and understand how it works before playing it. For instance, you could visit to find out hints and tips for how to play the game best.

    Play with others

    Instead of just playing against the computer, improve your skills by playing with other people. Get a team of your friends together and spend time each day playing multiplayer games as a team. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses and take time helping each other to improve on them.

    Playing along with friends means that you all learn together and share your gameplay experiences with each other. A team of friends you play with could also form the basis for your professional team.

    Remember that gaming isn’t always fun. As your training and practicing get more intense, you may find that some inter-team arguments occur. However, once you find ways to sort small niggles out, you will have a much stronger team of players to work with.

    Watch professional gamers

    To help you envisage your future, it is a good idea to go and watch gamers who have made it to professional level. Watching professional players doing what they do best, will allow you and your team to learn and observe what you need to do to succeed.

    Watching a team of professional gamers working together may also give you the opportunity to see how complex team strategies work. As well as how you can use them to improve your own gaming.

    You can even watch professional gamers in action without paying a penny or leaving the house. Many pro gamers are happy for people to watch them game, and so have live streams showing what they are doing and how they work. You can watch live professional gaming streams on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

    As well as being able to watch professional players in action, you can also use the internet to find online tutorials and gaming guides. These kind of guides can be excellent resources for improving your gaming skills as they give you a step-by-step guide to everything.

    Be good at what you do

    To be taken seriously in the professional gaming world, you need to build up your own set of specialized skills. You will probably find that you are most skilled at the things you enjoy doing most, the combination you like playing with most, will probably be the one you are most skilled at.

    Whilst you may have a favorite part of gaming or an area you are best at, to be a proper team player it is vital that you commit yourself to your job within the team. Whilst it may not be your favourite part of gaming, it is your job so, become the best at it. Otherwise, you will end up letting your team down.

    Invest in good quality equipment

    If you are serious about having a successful career in gaming, make sure to invest in the best gaming equipment you can afford. If you are trying to build up your name and get known, the last thing you want is your hardware cutting out right at an important moment.

    So, make sure to invest in high-quality gaming gear that is built for professional gaming. Look for things that are durable and responsive and will enhance your overall playing experience.

    Customize your settings

    If you can’t afford to invest in specific pieces of equipment, customize your game settings instead. Some games can be demanding in terms of graphics and speeds and can cause a normal computer to crash and not run properly. If you can’t afford a proper gaming computer just yet, all you need to do is lower the games settings to allow you to have smoother and crash-free gaming.

    Network with other players

    Whilst they may be your opponents, it is still a good idea to be friendly and build up your list of gaming contacts. You never know who you might meet, or what opportunities you may open up.

    Remember, despite the fact you are competitors now, everyone is simply there to play. So, always be friendly. You never know, you might make some interesting new friends.


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