Why The Super Nintendo is Still So Popular

    In the early 1990’s, Sony released its gaming system the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES was Nintendo’s second games console following the release of Nintendo Entertainment System. The SNES was a global phenomenon and became the best-selling console of the 16-bit era. During this time, Nintendo was embroiled in a fierce battle with Sega and the other big 16-bit console the Sega Mega Drive.


    The SNES has gone on to develop cult status and has become something of a gaming institution. The console and its games still circulate on the gaming market. They are popular among gaming enthusiasts, collectors and retro fans across the globe.

    So what is it that made the SNES so successful? And why does it continue to enjoy success today? Well, there are several factors that could relate to this. It is nice to see that a console discontinued over 15 years ago still has a significant cultural impact.

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    One of the biggest reasons the SNES is still so popular is most likely to be due to its back catalogue of games. The SNES truly has one of the best game selections of any console ever. There was so much choice involved and a multitude of different genres to enjoy.

    The SNES specialised in RPG games and was way ahead of its time in the respect with games like Final Fantasy. But it also excelled in other areas. For example, Street Fighter 2, a fighting game, is one of the best-selling video games of all time. It turned the SNES into a household name and still has a hardcore fanbase today.

    There were also so many classic titles that the SNES managed to produce. It seemed that each year there were games produced that would go on to become classic titles. Games like Mortal Kombat II, Super Mario World and Zelda became staples among SNES fans.

    Even today the games remain popular, and some of the super rare SNES games often sell for large amounts of money at auction.


    One of the key factors in the success and endurance of the SNES was due to its playability. Many of the games were challenging, but not too difficult that they stopped being fun. It is important to enjoy gaming, and if games are boring or too difficult they aren’t enjoyable.

    SNES games were a challenge, but they were also fun and exciting. There were so many different titles across loads of genres that it was almost impossible to get bored. Many of the titles released were well ahead of their time for gameplay and story and have influenced a lot of today’s video games.


    Perhaps the most iconic part of the SNES was its controller. It was easy to use, comfortable to hold and efficient. The controller was also versatile and could incorporate any game or gameplay.

    It also had an iconic layout that almost all gaming companies have copied to this day. The controller held four face buttons and two shoulder buttons. This has become the staple of video game controllers now. Industry giants like Microsoft and Sony followed suit.

    The impact and influence of the SNES controller can be felt throughout modern culture. It revolutionised gaming. And it’s still one of the most comfortable and easy-to-use controllers ever made.


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