How To Become An eSports Pro

    eSports is fast on the rise and has become a viable career choice for many gamers who are willing to tough it out. Because, if nothing else, making it in eSports is incredibly tough. This isn’t really surprising given that the champions in the scene right now, the true eSport

    What is eSports? We don’t want to waste much time explaining all the nuances of eSports here – for that you can check out any number of eSports gaming guides – but, basically, eSports is ‘electronic sports’. It’s gamers playing specific games on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 competitively against each other in order to determine an ultimate winner.

    In recent years, with the establishment of tournaments like the Major League Gaming (MLG) circuit, the International Dota 2 Championship and Intel Extreme Masters, this competitive gaming has created a massive community where millions of dollars are at stake. So much so, that popular sportsbook casinos have even started opening bets on tournaments. You know a ‘sport’ has really taken off when people start betting real money on it.

    But we’re here to give you a break-down of how to become an eSports pro. We’ve managed to boil it down to 9 main points, but, be warned, to get even recognized in eSports you need to work incredibly hard. It’s not a side-job thing, it’s not a hobby. It’s a full-term commitment. And even then you still might not make it.

    1. Pick a game

    You can’t just pick any game, because only specific games are eSports games. For example: League of Legends, Dota 2, CounterStrike, FIFA and Call of Duty. Again, for more detail on this check out the gaming guide we’ve linked above. Once you’ve picked your game, stick to it and become insanely good at it. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades: specialization is key in eSports.

    1. Practice, practice, practice

    Practice until your fingers are going to fall off and you’re injecting coffee directly into your veins to stay awake. Practice by yourself at first, and then once you’ve gained more confidence with the game, start practicing live against others.

    1. Keep up with the latest expansion packs and updates

    In order to be a pro, you need to know your game inside and out. That means you have to be the best even at the most recent updates and expansions to the game. You can bet that eSports pros have learned everything and anything there is to know about an expansion before everyone else.

    1. Level up your tech

    The best controllers, the best platforms, the best cameras, the best mikes. Everything has to be top of the range. This is going to cost you a pretty penny to start off with, but it’ll pay off in the long run. In an industry built around tech, you can’t have second-rate equipment.

    1. Join the community

    There are many online communities for specific games and specific tournaments out there. You just have to find the right one for you, and start getting to know people. This is crucial in making the next step to becoming an eSports pro. Most communities are now on Twitter or Reddit.

    1. Find a team

    Once you’re good enough and can hold your own against most other players, you can start thinking about joining a team. These are the guys who are going to have your back and who you’ll be entering tournaments with. Choose wisely.

    1. Enter tournaments

    This is way easier said than done. But it’s still possible. If your team succeeds at reaching the top of the gaming-chain, then you might have a shot at entering one of the famous tournaments. This is where major money is involved.

    1. Win

    If you’ve worked your butt off for months on end, and somehow managed to get through all of the previous steps, then all that’s left is to win the tournament. Win, and solidify your name in the hall of fame. Win, and you can basically live the rest of your life off of the prize.

    1. Get sponsored

    This step might come in before the ‘enter tournaments’ one, but you’re only going to get the really amazing sponsorships once you’ve made a name for yourself. Most current eSports pros make the majority of their money from huge sponsorship deals which rake in hundreds of thousands. No joke.


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