• The Banner Saga Review

            With the release of The Banner Saga 2 not far around the corner it might be a good idea to refresh your minds on what made the first Banner Saga good, and what could be improved upon in the second.  For those who haven’t played the first one it’s definitely worth picking up, and seeing as how the saves from the first game carry over into the second it would be a good idea to play though you don’t have to if you want to just skip to the second game.  So let’s take a look… The Core Gameplay         The Banner Saga is an RPG epic inspired by Norse Mythology.  In it you lead a caravan of warriors, varl (giants with horns), and…

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  • Mario Sports Mix Review

    Is Gaming Taking One Giant Step Back With Mario Sports Mix? It seems as though Square Enix took a lot of past mistakes into consideration during the creation of Mario Sports Mix. If you played the disaster back in 2006 where Mario tried his luck in basketball, you will appreciate that there are a few new sports added to this game to make it at least playable. Storyline Is the gamed called Mario Sports Mix or a Mixed Bag of Mario Sports? Either way, don’t look for a storyline or any type of rhyme or reason. Don’t even look for an organized game because you won’t find it! This is like a hodgepodge of dismal entertainment that overstays its welcome…

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