Xiaomi Mi Stick and Amazon FireStick – A Comparison

    The proportion of clients going for cord-cutting has risen dramatically in recent years. Paying bills while having limited access to material is no longer satisfactory.

    The good news is that several devices have appeared that allow anyone to access a wide range of media without spending monthly payments or memberships. Two such gadgets are the Amazon FireStick and the Xiaomi Mi Stick.  

    These products allow you to turn any television into a smart television and take your gaming experience to the next level. Despite their popularity, the Xiaomi Mi TV stick vs. Amazon FireStick argument continues to rage. 

    It is crucial to remember that each media device has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to individual decisions in the end. However, do not worry, since we will evaluate both gadgets in this article to help consumers make an informed decision. 

    What is a Mi Stick?

    The Mi TV Stick is an efficient streaming gadget. Its simple design makes it easily accessible, small, and hassle-free. The Mi Stick is a sophisticated and portable piece of technology that allows you to access the entertainment industry by just connecting it to any LCD, LED, or HD TV.

    What is a FireStick?

    Amazon’s best-selling streaming gadget is FireStick. It can convert any television into a smart television, allowing you to stream movies and shows over the web. 

    It is also available in various versions, providing you with a range of price points and features to choose from. To learn more about the specs of the FireStick, you can visit helpful sites like Firesticktricks.

    The Similarities 

    Before we get started, let’s see what the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick have in common:

    1. An Analogous Design 

    Both devices come with a stick-like appearance with a micro-USB connector on the side and an HDMI port at the front. Nevertheless, there is one little point worth mentioning. 

    If your monitor has two HDMI inputs next to each other, it will be hard to set up both simultaneously because the sticks are hefty and take up room. As a remedy, the FireStick comes with an HDMI extension, whilst the Mi TV Stick does not.

    1. Both Deliver High Definition at 60 fps

    FireStick and the Mi Stick support the top definition of 1080p at 60 Hz. If you have a 720p monitor, both can downscale and accommodate. FireStick 4K is the HD edition of the FireStick, while Mi Box S 4K is a high-definition version of the Mi TV stick. Both devices hence allow an exclusive high-resolution gaming experience. 

    1. Both support Bluetooth Devices

    Both devices can easily communicate to a Bluetooth portable speaker or a gaming controller. The FireStick and the Mi Stick support most controllers available on the market.

    1. Identical Specifications

    Both sticks feature 1 GB RAM and storage space of 8 GB. Both devices can stream high – definition graphics without any issues in terms of reliability.

    The Differences 

    With the similarities discussed, let’s now look at some differences:

    1. The FireStick runs on FireOS, while the Mi TV Stick runs on Android TV

    The system software that both devices operate on is perhaps the most significant distinction between them. Like the Mi Box, the Mi Stick is powered on Android TV 9.0. The FireStick, on the other hand, uses Amazon’s FireOS. 

    Both devices have all of the streaming platforms you would want, such as Netflix, PrimeTV, Hulu, and so on. The situation is more or less the same for streaming on both extremities. However, the Android TV is app-focused, whilst the FireStick is content-focused, as both devices’ homepages demonstrate. 

    1. OTG is compatible with the FireStick

    A micro-USB input powers both the FireStick and the Mi Stick. You can either use an additional adapter or insert the micro-USB cable into the USB port on your screen. 

    However, if you want to use an OTG cord to expand the storage on the devices, Mi Stick does not facilitate it. So, if you will use your HDD to watch movies offsite, FiresStick seems to be the preferred idea.

    1. The FireStick Controller is preferable 

    Both devices have the same shape and size. Both are composed of plastic, with the buttons having a rubberized touch. The FireStick controller, on the other hand, offers additional play/pause, skip, and mute controls. 

    The Mi Stick controller, on the other side, features specialized Netflix and PrimeTV keys. Again, FireOS is primarily focused on streaming media. 

    As a result, the buttons and FireOS modifications are more geared for customers who simply want to watch a broadcast on FireStick. On the other hand, the Mi Stick is more app-driven, with specific keys for accessing applications.

    1. Bluetooth 4.2 is integrated into the Mi Stick

    The Mi Stick has Bluetooth 4.2 instead of Bluetooth 4.1 on the FireStick, which is not a huge difference. Bluetooth 4.2 was launched in 2014, and it is better suited for usage with home automation. When interacting with other home devices such as a speaker system or an intelligent lamp, Bluetooth 4.2 gadgets will use less energy.

    Wrapping Up 

    To conclude, the streaming device preference will always depend on individual opinions. All you are to do is review the information provided above and determine which variables are most significant to you. 


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