15 Best Tips For A Better Gaming Experience

    Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, there are always ways to improve your gaming experience. When it comes to gaming, everyone has different preferences when it comes to space setup, consoles, headphones, and much more. That is what makes gaming so unique, you get to customize your setup for yourself. Finding a game that you enjoy and live streaming it to the world can be exhilarating.

    Did you know that based on gaming statistics that 64% of US adults play video games? Out of this percentage, the majority is men at 59%. This is across all forms, like phones, consoles, and PC. It’s safe to say that gaming is growing and many people might be looking to start having a better gaming experience.

    If you are just getting into the gaming headspace, then these 15 tips and actions to take will help create the best gaming experience. Let’s jump into it!

    Purchase A Good Gaming Headset

    A good headset can make all the difference when in a hectic battle. A gaming headset that has surround sound and Dolby Audio will help you immensely when playing battle royale games. If you want to make sure the enemies don’t get the drop on you, buy a gaming headset.

    Get A Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

    If you are on a PC, it might be best to invest in a gaming mouse and keyboard. A gaming mouse will have more buttons making it easier to map controls to. A gaming mouse will also have better precision and smoother traction for aiming. A gaming keyboard will have better buttons and space for your palm to rest. These 2 items can help you be more comfortable, which will help you play better.

    Buy A Gaming Monitor

    Most gaming monitors should have at least 144Hz and 1ms response time. This will help reduce input lag and increase gameplay smoothness. Players with a gaming monitor will have a slight advantage when playing fast-paced games like Call of Duty.

    Invest In A Gaming Chair

    Is your gaming session going to last a while? Consider getting a gaming chair. Find one that is comfortable and supports your back. It may take some time to find the perfect one for you, but it will be worth it.

    Play With Friends

    Playing with friends makes any game more enjoyable. Playing Mario Party is always good fun. However, when you have a party of people playing and everyone is screaming at each other, it turns into pure chaos. So, if you can, try to play with friends or family.

    Use A VPN

    Using a VPN can have great benefits for gamers. For example, VPNs can have DDoS and swatting protection and reduced ping. Swatting protection is great if you plan on streaming on Twitch or any other streaming platform. If you are looking for good gaming VPNs, you can check these out:

    · NordVPN

    · AtlasVPN

    · PrivateVPN

    · Surfshark

    · ExpressVPN

    You can compare these to see which one would benefit you the most.

    Create A Comfortable Space

    Your gaming area should be spacious. If you are gaming on a computer, you want to have plenty of legroom and arm space to move your mouse. Make your gaming space represent you with toys or posters. You want to feel as comfortable as possible.

    Take Breaks

    Taking breaks is important when gaming. You should always get up and stretch your legs every now and then. Sitting down for long periods of time is not good for your body. Stretching your muscles will help you revitalize yourself for your next gaming session.

    Bring Snacks

    When you are in intense gaming sessions, like raiding in World of Warcraft or playing any online game, you can’t always get up to get food or make dinner. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have. So bring some snacks that will give you a quick boost of energy. Don’t bring anything that will make your hands a mess.

    Have Plenty of Water

    Much like the tip above, bring plenty of water to recharge after a session. Many might want to go with soda or Gatorade, but water is always the best option to stay hydrated.

    Upgrade Your Computer or Console

    Games are becoming more and more powerful. As such, upgrading is sometimes the only option if you want to have the best advantage possible. You might be running an older rig. Everyone is playing at 120fps while you are still somehow at 30fps. This is a huge disadvantage if you are playing competitively. Make sure to keep your hardware upgraded for current generations of games.

    Consider Upgrading Your Internet

    This tip goes hand in hand with the tip above. Upgrading your internet can yield fantastic results if you plan to play other players a lot. Playing fighting games require a good connection if you want to react to and predict moves with fast start-ups. Always connect your ethernet cable directly to your system for the best experience.

    Listen To Music

    If you are not playing online or anything competitive, put some music on to put your mind at ease. There are a lot of games that are meant for casual play. The Lego games or Fall Guys are good examples of games that are meant just to have fun. Listening to music can sometimes put you into a zen state. You might even play better.

    Watch Others Play

    Sometimes it is nice to watch others play games that you enjoy. Watching pro players can also help you learn techniques so you can play better.

    Have Fun

    This is the most important tip of all. Just remember to have fun. Not everything has to be taken seriously or sweaty. If you are enjoying your time with the game, keep doing so. Don’t worry about being the best, your main goal is to make sure your enjoyment comes first.


    In short, playing with friends or like-minded people will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Additionally, if you’re looking to take your gaming skills to the next level, consider purchasing some quality gaming equipment. A good headset can help you hear enemies sneaking up on you from behind, while a high-quality monitor can give you an edge over opponents by providing great visuals and high frames per second.

    Did these 15 actions to take for the best gaming experience help you? Sound off in the comments.


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