Worms WMD to Receive Free Forts Mode in PS4 Update

    The Worms games have been a welcome iteration in the gaming world since the mid-90s, with the 1995 PlayStation game launching the brand into the public’s eye. Since then it has gone from strength-to-strength, keeping up with ever-evolving trends in the gaming scene over the last two decades.

    From a fairly regimented console experience with two control pads and disc-based games to the internet-connected, online multiplayer gaming we see today, Worms has stayed relevant. The charm of the brand lies in the fact that it has never taken itself too seriously, especially compared to other strategy games, instead focusing the player’s experience on the fun and light-heartedness the game offers.

    Watching loads of little, over-the-top worms wiggle around battlegrounds with zany weapons, trying to blow each other to smithereens has managed to capture the hearts of millions thanks to their cute demeanours and well-placed jokey dialogue.

    The Latest

    That successful formula hasn’t changed for the latest incarnation, Worms WMD, which was released on the Playstation 4 last August. Managing to capture the silliness of worms blowing each other up, yet keeping an element of skill required to be successful at the game, Worms WMD has been a popular addition to the series.

    It received strong reviews and is universally acclaimed as Team17, the developers of the game, have kept a winning formula and added a few neat touches to give fans one of the most well-rounded versions in the series.

    Forts Mode Announced

    Team17 has announced the PS4 version will follow suit from the PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game and release a new update for Worms WMD called Forts Mode, which will add an abundance of new features.

    There is no set release date for the PS4 update of Forts Mode, however, it should be released shortly. But what does Forts Mode bring to the turn-based strategy game? You are tasked with defending your own fort while trying to infiltrate your enemies and defeat them in battle.

    Overall, there are six forts, including Castle Hassle, Pink Peril and Donkey Dig, Rocket, Reactor and Haunted, along with a host of new weapons such as the Magnetised Drone, which has exclusively been designed by the Worms community. There are also plenty of other customisable features, as well as several bug fixes and tweaks to improve the overall playing experience.

    Latest Update in a Line of Quality Improvements

    It’s not the first update from Team17 since the game’s release last August and follows on from the free All-Stars Pack, which featured an army of stars from popular other games including Rocket League, PAYDAY 2 and Saints Row IV, which was released last November.

    There was also a free Twitch customization released, along with Liberation mode, which included five new single player games, four brand new weapons, a new vehicle, more than 10 new buildings and a host of bug fixes. 

    The Worms Effect

    Turn-based strategy games have been a prominent fixture in the gaming community for as long as Beat-em-Ups, FPS and Sports games. But when you add charming action of a brand like Worms, the reach expands even further than the regular turn-based strategy fans, yet still manages to keep devoted lovers of the game satisfied.

    That cross-appeal has resulted in many forms of Worms, with its popularity meaning that console and PC-based play isn’t enough. Mecca Bingo, the online gambling site, is one of the many current platforms offering the Worms experience in a different form. Taking its cue from the original Worms games, Worms Reloaded is a slot game that sees players’ worms blowing each other up with imaginative weapons over a five reel, 20 payline slot.

    Worms of the Future

    Forts Mode may be the latest update to Worms WMD, but there could also be future updates as the game evolves. One thing is for sure: it won’t be the last version of the game that gone on to capture the hearts of millions of players all around the world, even spawning popular re-imaginings, including the slot games.


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