Why Is Rainbow Six Siege Boosting So Popular?

    If you haven’t played Rainbow Six Siege yet, we strongly recommend you do so. This incredibly popular multiplayer shooter first launched way back in 2015, but it’s managed to retain its popularity ever since then. This is due to multiple factors: it’s an emergent experience in which every game feels different, there’s plenty of content to unlock, and there are several modes of play with plenty of maps to choose from. It’s safe to say that Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular competitive games around.

    With that in mind, you might be wondering about Rainbow Six Siege boosting, otherwise known as R6 boosting. In essence, this involves having someone work on your account to elevate your rank above what you’re currently sitting on. While this may initially seem like cheating, there are many good reasons why you might want to boost your account in Rainbow Six Siege. Here are just some of the reasons why R6 boosting is so popular among the player base.


    Many players have limited time

    When you’re playing Rainbow Six Siege, trying to reach a competitive level can very quickly take over your life. If you don’t have a lot of free time – as many gamers don’t – then you may wish to bypass the arduous experience that trying to climb in the ranked play mode can be. That’s why boosting can be a good solution for you; this way, you can arrive at the rank you feel you should be without putting in the hundreds upon hundreds of hours it can sometimes take to climb.


    Higher-level play is better

    The standard of play improves exponentially as you rise through the ranks in Rainbow Six Siege. Lower-level play sees a lot more mistakes and a lot more griefing or AFK behaviour from badly-behaved teammates, while higher-level play tends to feature much more coordination. If you feel like you’re somewhere you don’t belong and you want to be amongst the bigger players, R6 boosting is definitely the solution. It’ll all but eliminate the problems you experience at lower ranks.


    Elo hell exists

    While there are some who say that “elo hell” doesn’t exist, you can definitely get trapped in a run of bad luck and end up stuck in a rank in which you don’t belong. Constant bad decisions by inferior teammates mean you can’t carry games, no matter how hard you try. That’s where R6 boosting can come in handy; you can lift yourself out of elo hell and play in a rank more befitting your playstyle. No matter what people might tell you, elo hell is real, and boosting is a good way to get out of it.


    Good boosting services are safe for your account

    While boosters do, of course, require a certain amount of information from you regarding your account, they usually won’t need more than simply your credentials. Some boosters, in fact, don’t even need this information; they’ll offer to boost you as part of a duo or team, meaning they won’t even need your account details. If you encounter a good-quality, reputable boosting service, it’ll be completely safe for your account and won’t have any negative consequences for you.


    Your own play will improve

    If you decide to boost your account, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your own play quality. That’s because all the things you need to do to improve in Siege – good positioning, tactical awareness, team play – will be exhibited by higher-rating teammates, but won’t be practiced by those in lower ratings. This means you won’t have a chance to improve at them if you don’t play in higher ranks, which is why boosting is conducive to improving at the game.


    Multiple payment options are usually available

    If you don’t feel confident handing over your payment details – which is understandable, given the level of fraud happening these days – then rest assured most reputable boosting services allow you to choose from a range of options. If you don’t want to pay via card, you will usually find services like PayPal supported, and some boosting services will even accept nascent forms of cryptocurrency. However you decide to pay, make sure you do your research first!


    Most boosting services are friendly

    You might be worried that boosting services won’t have your best interests at heart or that players might be toxic. However, in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. These services want your repeat custom, so you can expect a friendly, professional, and helpful service from the booster. If you’re duoing up with them, you won’t need to worry about them griefing or AFKing – they’re pro players in many cases, so they have a better code of conduct than that.

    We’ve outlined just some of the reasons why you might want to consider Rainbow Six Siege boosting (or R6 boosting) if you’re looking to climb the ranks. Between improving your performance, climbing the ladder, and saving some time, we don’t think there’s any reason anyone wouldn’t want to consider availing themselves of this service. How are you getting on with your Rainbow Six Siege climb? Let us know!


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