10 Must-Play Xbox One Rhythm Games

    Rhythm games are music-themed action video games that challenge players’ sense of rhythm. They are great for players who would like to improve their coordination skills and reaction times. That said, let’s take a look at ten of the best rhythm games that should try.

    Fantasia: Music Evolved

    Developed by Harmonix, Fantasia: Music Evolved is a motion-controlled music rhythm game and the interactive successor to the 1940 animated film Fantasia and its sequel Fantasia 2000, which was released in 1999. Fantasia: Music Evolved has songs from over 30 artists, with 3 color-coded mixes accompanying each tune. An optional fourth mix is available for each expansion pack. Two of the default on-disc mixes vary by the song but you can customize them before the song starts playing. The game emphasizes creative control, and you can collect magical energy when playing and use it to unlock additional mixes mid-song after completing certain goals.



    Released in August 2017 for Xbox One, Thumper was published and developed by Drool. In the game, the player has to guide a beetle-like animal along dual or single-track through several unnerving worlds. The levels in the game are broken up into segments. You’ll receive a rating and a score to show how well you did after each segment. The beetle can only sustain one hit: Crashing into an obstacle or a missed turn. At certain places, the beetle-like creature can regain its shield after losing it. But taking another hit without having its wing shield in place can destroy it.


    Rock Band 4

    Rock Band 4 was developed and published by an American video game development company called Harmonix. With this game, you can enjoy simulating the playing of music across various genres and decades using instrument controllers mimicking playing lead and bass guitar, vocals, and drums. You’ll score points when you successfully hit notes and earn a scoring multiplier when you accurately hit a continuous series of notes. Failure to hit the correct notes can penalize your performance or even end the song prematurely.


    Just Dance

    Just Dance, a rhythm game series, was developed and published by Ubisoft Entertainment SA. The game’s title was named after the debut single by singer Lady Gaga with the same name. This motion-based dancing game series is designed for multiple players. Each game includes a collection of modern and classic songs, with each song having its unique dance choreographies. Players have to mirror a dance that actors are performing on the screen during each song. They have to follow commands displayed on the screen, and they will be awarded for their accuracy.


    Guitar Hero Live

    This 2015 music rhythm game was developed by the British company FreeStyleGames and published by Activision. Guitar Hero Live follows the same gameplay as the installments that were previously released in the series. As such, players have to use a guitar-shaped controller that comes with a strum bar and buttons to match music notes on a scrolling highway that correspond to notes playing in a song.


    Inside My Radio

    Inside My Radio, a rhythm-action platformer adventure video game, was developed by Seaven Studio. The publisher of this rhythm video game is Iceberg Interactive. In the game, the player gets to enjoy the ultimate musical experience as a green LED trapped inside a dying boombox. The player’s actions have to be accurate on the beat as they bring disco, dub, electro music back to life. The game also allows you to compose songs. What’s more? You can get creative and mix the tracks as you want.


    Road to Ballhalla

    Featuring a licensed electronic dance music soundtrack, Aaero is a 2017 rhythm action rail shooter game developed by Mad Fellows. Players navigate through alien surroundings while they are in a futuristic flying craft. The basic controls of this game are typically that of a twin-stick shooter, with the right stick controlling targeting, while the left one controlling the ship. When you are using the left analog stick, you need to grind against the ribbons of light that are bending and twisting in the air to absorb the energy coming from the music.


    Giraffe and Annika

    Giraffe and Annika is a 2020 indie, action-adventure, and rhythm game hybrid that was developed by Atelier Minima. The publishers of this game are Koei Tecmo Games, NIS America, and Playism. The game follows the story of Annika, an amnesiac catgirl who is stranded on an island called Spica. With the help of Giraffe, she has to recover her memories by finding 3 special star fragments.


    Superbeat: Xonic

    With the gameplay based on Nurijoy’s arcade game Beatcraft Cyclon, Superbeat: Xonic is considered as a spiritual successor to Neowiz MUCA’s DJMax music game series. Superbeat: Xonic was developed by Nurijoy and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea. The game features more than 50 different tracks from different genres, including progressive metal, indie pop, and soulful house.



    Rocksmith is a music game that allows you to plug in almost all electric guitars and play along through a USB adapter. The game was developed by Ubisoft. Within the game, players progress along a career path where more game modes, songs, and challenges will open up as they earn Rocksmith points. When you are playing a song in the normal game mode, you’ll be presented with a display showing the guitar’s fretboard that features colored strings and numbered frets.


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