Why Gamers Love Football Games

    There are a whole host of gaming genres out there, but one that has always retained a serious degree of popularity is sport, and more specifically, football. And, for a genre to have favour in the long term, there must be a lot to like, which begs the question, why do gamers love football games in the way they do?

    You can never complete them

    The top two football games on the market are FIFA and Football Manager. The two franchises lead the way, and there isn’t much competition for them at present, which has been the case for years. However, what’s noticeable about both FIFA and Football Manager is that you’re not going to complete either, as they just keep going and going, so there is that longevity and value for money when you purchase these games. And football is the same in many ways. While there are seasons and tournaments, the sport continues year after year.

    They increase the connection with the sport and teams

    Football fans are always looking for ways to get closer to the sport, teams and players they love. And playing football games is the perfect way to make this happen. They have a love and fascination with football that grows from the fanatical support of their football club, betting on all the football matches to playing the most popular football video games, and it’s a thirst that will always increase. However, by engaging in the latter specifically, the connection will never have been or felt stronger. And football teams and players embracing football games themselves elevates this further.

    They’re the closest you will get to playing and managing

    In their younger days, most people dream of being a football player or a manager. However, the reality is that for most people, this dream will always be a dream that they cannot achieve. So, what’s the next best thing? Well, you can get involved in football at a lower level, watch it live and so on. Or, you can play games where you become a player and/or a manager. And, you don’t even have to be yourself, as an average footballer. You can take control of some of the world’s best and manage them too. And these games get more authentic by the year.

    They’re social games

    While back in the day, football games such as FIFA and Football Manager, the leading two titles on the market, were single-player titles in the main. Or, you’d play now and again with friends who would pop around. However, nowadays, football games, like the sport in general, have huge communities. People not only play together online but also chat about the game, share tips and opinions, and become friends through titles such as FIFA and Football Manager. Football is a community, especially from club to club, and football games represent that in many ways, which is definitely another reason why gamers love them.


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