Why EA Should Start Working on Red Alert 4

    The Red Alert series has always been fairly unique amongst the various other RTS (real-time Strategy) games existing within the genre. It’s one of those series within the Command & Conquer canon that’s at once somewhat bizarre and comical as well as deeply tactical and loads of fun. Likewise, the franchise retains a robust cult following that seems to be truly devoted toward the concept and unique gameplay features found within any of the three current titles on the market.

    Given this, the question remains to be asked – why hasn’t EA produced another follow-up to Red Alert 3 and/or RA 3 – uprising? It’s been around 5 years since we’ve seen them release anything, isn’t it about time? Aside from simply serving and growing their fan base with this series, there are plenty of additional reasons why EA should start working on Red Alert 4 ASAP…

    First off, with these new 8th gen. consoles available, developing a high-powered, graphically intense game with access to tons of additional features has never been easier or perhaps even more efficient. Sony has made several statements regarding their efforts to improve console manufacturer – game designer relations and their new machine’s accessibility proves it. To put it bluntly, it would be so easy for EA to churn out a new Red Alert title, especially given their propensity for annualized and timely releases. Likewise, the entire PC game market has dramatically evolved since 2009, offering increased potential for even more bombastic graphics and so forth.

    Within the sphere of consoles, one has to consider just how well a game like Red Alert 4 might fare. Given the prospect of integrating various kinds of MMO mechanics and / or even some altogether foreign and groundbreaking concept (like actual FPS gameplay built into the RTS itself, where players take commands from assigned leaders), the possibilities are nearly endless now. The mind truly boggles at the thought of what could be done with today’s hardware if EA simply decided to push the envelope a bit here.

    There are perhaps even a number of political reasons for EA to push ahead with C&C: Red Alert 4, namely the international conflicts involving Russia and the rise of communist countries like China. Sure, you can call it pandering if you want, but the fact remains that games which tend to release within the context of certain world events / movements tend to have more impact in terms of sales. This is especially true if they’re good; just take all the successful video game – movie tie-ins for instance, certainly the marketing efforts of both components helped to drive sales, right? Sure, we’re just talking about a video game here, but one can’t overlook the opportunity to raise some free publicity, can you? Just imagine how much attention RA4 would get from Western audiences within the context of this unfolding drama. Likewise, think of what they could do with the commercials. Again, the mind boggles…


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