Ways of Earning Money by Playing Dota 2

    Every Blizzard game has become an instant success since its release. Dota begun as a customized map for the Warcraft strategy game and started becoming more and more popular. A few years ago the Dota was entirely remade into a single game which is now played by millions of people around the globe. Today, Dota 2 players have different opportunities for earning real money while playing their favorite game. So, what are these methods to make profit while gaming? 

    Dota 2 Skin Trade

    The fandom of Dota 2 constantly uses the online shop connected to the game which is called the Workshop. There are also many different websites, like which offer in game Dota 2 skin sell and purchase All you have to do is login with your Steam account; select the skins which you want to sell or buy and receive your money. What’s great about skin trading is that if you have web design and development skills, you can create your own in game character skins and release them officially. Some creative artists earn more than 15.000$ a year only because they have designed skins for a few Dota 2 characters. Most of such trade websites accept any online payment method, for example –

    –        PayPal





     Dota2 Tournaments

    Competing in tournaments and organizing them is by far the most pleasant activity for Dota 2 players. If you’re a new player you may organize local championships and earn money with entry fees or ticket sale in the Dota 2 Workshop. If you are a skilled player and have gathered your own team, you may participate in different tournaments to win prize awards, which are often quite high. If you are reluctant to take part in tournaments, you can place bets on them, and if you’re lucky enough, you may win big sums of money. There is another way if you have web development skills, which is creating custom games for Dota2. If you create an exciting game for the players, you may receive money from its passes, which they will purchase from the workshop in order to play on your map.  

    Dota2 Streaming

    For the past few years video game streaming has become increasingly popular. Many players enjoy watching different people play their favorite video games, and so do Dota2 fans. At first you might find it difficult, for you have to have a large number of viewers to earn more money. If you entertain your viewers well enough you may receive  large sums of money from the donations they make.

    All in all, there is a great number of ways of earning funds while playing Dota 2. Either by making an entertaining stream session, selling skins or organizing tournament competitions, you can earn real money while playing Dota 2.


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