Reasons Why EA Might Silently Be Working on a new Command and Conquer Title

Seriously, this headline must be eye-candy to any die-hard Command and Conquer veteran, or any RTS fan, for that matter. Those who enjoy RTS titles are sure to have spent many hours delving into the gameplay of this very franchise. Back in the times when Westwood Studios were the masterminds behind the series, fans were happy and eager to experience the growing catalogue of games. However, EA’s purchase of Westwood Studios has proven to be a lacklustre affair since the buy-out in 1998.

EA didn’t quite hit it off with Red Alert 3. Far from terrible, the title didn’t reach the heights demanded by fans of the series. It had one too many bugs, lacked depth, and just had missing elements necessary to garner it a top title. With that said, 2013 was the year fresh excitement was unleashed throughout the RTS community – yes, EA was working on a new, big and bold title. Coined as Generals 2, or simply, Command and Conquer, things were looking promising. However, talk about disappointment, EA then began to send the project into a new direction – free-to-play. Ouch, that didn’t go down well with fans, understandably, too. Thus, EA later put the development on ‘pause’ with no details given since.

Don’t let us at Gamerbolt raise your excitement levels too high, we are working on speculation and signals. However, we do believe that EA is looking to bring alive a sleeping franchise that has absolutely huge potential. They will also attempt to swerve away from past mistakes. How best to do that? How about re-hiring a game designer who has a huge background in the RTS scene? He’s worked on Starcraft 2, Command & Conquer 3, Red Alert 3, Empires & Allies, and Battle for Middle Earth 2. His name? Greg Black.

Greg once worked at Westwood Studios, then EA. Later he worked with Blizzard Entertainment on StarCraft II. Let’s just say, if you are wanting to resume a stalled RTS franchise, this is one such person you’d want to be on your development design team. In Greg’s tweet, he suggests that he’s working on something, hinting perhaps that it could be something rather special. Furthermore, he then later tweets about the Red Alert 3 album available on Amazon.

This could be a hint that Greg is working on a new Red Alert title. Of course, we could all be disappointed, but there are signals here to work on. We aren’t just clutching at straws.

There could be a few options for EA. They could opt to resume Generals 2, a title that was placed on pause. However, the negative stigma surrounding the development might mean that EA doesn’t go down that road. It’s possible that a re-mastered version of a classic title could be in the words. For example, ‘Red Alert re-mastered’. On the other hand, EA might wish to create an entirely new title, bringing classic elements with a new mix. Fingers crossed.

If EA is working on a new Command and Conquer game, what’s on your wishlist? Be sure to leave your comments below. You never know, EA might just take note.

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Muhammed Almusawi
Muhammed Almusawi
2 years ago

Generals zh should be remastered first.

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