Virtua Tennis 4 Review

    Reviewing tennis games can be pretty tough since there is not much that has changed during the past couple of years or so. However, Virtua Tennis 4 has come up with some interesting developments. Let us see what these are.

    Virtua Tennis is more of an arcade style game when compared to another tennis game like the Top Spin, which is more of a traditional variety. Virtua Tennis 4 remains true to the earlier versions. It is more focused on delivering exciting tennis action than talking about statistics and other features.

    Virtua Tennis 4 is a very good game to play. It is equipped with excellent controls and great animations.  The game is played at different progression levels, with each level being more difficult than the previous one. There is something innovative and unique about the opponents and you will have to come up with different strategies to defeat them. It can, at times, get you charged up and emotional, which is how a tennis game should be.

    There is something very familiar with Virtua Tennis 4, particularly if you have played the earlier versions. The players are more or less the same and the mechanics of the game also remain pretty similar.  This does not mean that Virtua Tennis 4 is old wine in a new bottle. Definitely not! You will find quite a few new features to the latest version of Virtua Tennis. The newer version has a World Tour that adds a level of randomness to the career progression. It has now become a board game and while it is certainly interesting, it does not allow you to play a mini game or a tournament as you will have to move at random intervals on the board.

    Similarly, Virtua Tennis 4 also includes the mini games which pretty much retain the same features of the earlier versions. The training sessions in the career mode are very interesting. In fact it is much more than practicing a forehand or a backhand.

    Virtua Tennis 4 features an Arcade mode. This is a four match tournament that is pretty challenging and devoid of any unwanted elements. Likewise, you have an online mode that allows you to play against other people. You also have a ranking system that enables you to keep track of your wins making you wish that the online mode also included an online career.

    Virtua Tennis 4 comes in three different versions. These include the Kinect version, Play Station Move and the Wii Motion Plus versions. All these versions offer motion control and despite their differences more or less play similarly. If you want to swing your tennis racquet on the screen in the Wii Motion Plus version, all that you need to do is swing the Wii remote or move your arm.

    Motion Control is not playable in any of Virtua Tennis 4 game’s main modes. They are playable only through the Special Exhibition mode. This game offers an interesting first person mode during this part of the game. You will find that the swinging mechanics are pretty good and make the game interesting.

    Virtua Tennis 4 is pretty absorbing and will keep you hooked to the game if you are a tennis buff. Once you get rid of all the chaff, you will find a tennis game that has some new and interesting features when compared to the earlier versions.

    All in all, Virtua Tennis 4 remains true to its earlier versions and remains a very good arcade tennis game.


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