Steel Diver Review

    Steel Diver is a very compelling submarine simulation game that makes very good use of the various 3DS attributes. Of the 18 games launched by Nintendo recently, Steel Diver is very intriguing, and has a unique hand held gaming system that can be played without 3D glasses.

    With competition from various smart phones and tablets, the Steel Diver is very critical for Nintendo.  It was touted as the next big thing in the 3DS world when it was unveiled for the first time at the E3 Trade Show some time back. This game has been in the making for quite some time, thus allowing the design team at Nintendo to come up with some amazing graphics. In fact, when you look at the screen you will get a feel of real depth.

    Steel Diver is a simulation game that is played slowly. In this game you control the submarine’s speed as well as depth, as it is moving horizontally on the surface or underwater in the ocean. As a simulation, the Steel diver is challenging as it makes it difficult for you to maneuver a submarine. If you go too fast underwater, you may either crash into an enemy submarine or into a rock wall. The only way for you to cut down on the speed is to throw the sub’s engines into the reverse. But this is easier said than done as you will have to skillfully use the stylus to simultaneously control the speed as well as the depth. This will allow you to maneuver through the various obstacles underwater.

    The visuals are great in Steel Diver. As you move over the ocean floor you will find that the surrounding scenery is just amazing. You can easily make out the difference between some of the other 3DS games and the Steel Diver.  You feel as if you are in a real ocean, with schools of fish swimming around the submarine. You will come across ship wrecks, enemy ships, plants at different angles, etc which create a very good 3D effect. The best part is that it does not strain your eyes, unlike other 3D games.

    The imagery is great in Steel Diver, with some of the most vivid background colors that you will ever see in a handheld 3D game. It is fun and reminds you of a few submarine games played earlier.

    Now, let’s get on with the game. Steel Diver 3DS involves five basic missions, along with two bonus levels and one training level. If you want to get to the bonus levels you will have to play the basic missions with three different submarines. Namely: the Manatee, Blue Shark and the Serpent.

    The Manatee is a small sized sub that is quick and easily maneuverable. This sub can fire its torpedo vertically. However, this will be no match against the heavily armed enemy ships and subs.

    The Blue Shark is a mid sized submarine that is perfectly balanced in terms of speed and power, while the Serpent is a very big submarine that is slow to maneuver. If you are not careful you may crash it into the rock walls.

    In fact, each submarine is used for different kinds of enemy assignments. As you go along you will find that the missions get harder. Now, this is what makes Steel Diver compelling and interesting.

    By using a local wireless connection, you can play Steel Diver with another player. This allows you to get a very good view of the game when you are in command of a fleet of ships along with a submarine. You also have a periscope mode that allows you to locate an enemy ship and destroy it.

    Finally, Steel Diver has tremendous potential and is great fun to play.


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