Top coolest cars from computer games that you can ride in real life

Almost every person in the world played racing games in childhood. Maybe you drove around the streets of San Andreas in GTA 5 or were trying to get away from the cops in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You probably remember these cool cars that could be tuned. In this article, together with you, we will recall the best gaming machines that you can find in the real world.

Bentley Continental GT

Our top is opened by a gaming analog of the famous Bentley Continental GT in GTA 5 – COGNOSCENTI CABRIO. In reality, this is a very expensive car that not everyone can afford. However, you can rent supercars like Bentley. Renting a car is a great way to feel like the hero of your favorite game (provided that you follow the rules on the road, of course). A hiring car will give you a sense of freedom and immerse you in a world of real luxury and speed. The car rental service includes life and health insurance, car delivery, and other services. In addition to supercars, you can hire SUVs, minivans, and budget cars.

This car is a 2-door premium Gran Turismo coupe with 2+2 seats. The Continental GT vehicle, whose foundation was created by Rolls-Royce, was based on the Bentley Continental R and Continental T. A creative group coached by Dirk van Breckel designed the coupe at a Crewe studio, which is also home to the Bentley factory. The goal of developing a novel yet familiar appearance was successfully accomplished.

Porsche Carrera GT

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is, for many, the best part of the long-running series and one of the best racing games for Windows. Even after more than 15 years since the release of this legend, when passing it, you can get high for a very long time, through the passage of the black list, every victory in the races, tuning the car, the reward for defeating the bosses and, of course, chasing with the cops!

The Porsche Carrera is one of the most expensive cars in the game at $280,000. Despite the crazy price, this car fully justifies its money. The main achievement of the Career is the maximum speed unattainable for other cars. Accelerating to 400 km / h on it is more than real. True, you need to try to do this, because this car does not have such perfect acceleration as its ceiling speed. However, at some points, you need to try, because the Career is not top-notch by all criteria (a vivid example is an average manageability).

Nissan 350Z

In third place is Nissan from Need for Speed ??Underground 2. Fans of the game quickly determined that the Nissan 350Z became the “face” of the sequel. In the game itself, this is the first car that the main character gets behind the wheel of. It was not possible to ride it for a long time: the unit had to be driven into the garage to continue the plot. However, everyone tried to delay this moment as they liked: they looked for races that were not marked on the map, or simply participated in personal duels with artificial intelligence in an open city. In Underground 2 you can ride the streets at night completely freely.

In the real world, the car was also good. Under the hood of a Japanese sports car, a 3.5-liter V6 engine roared with a capacity of up to 310 horsepower. This car could also boast of cool handling and balancing, which was achieved largely due to the conditionally mid-engined layout.

Many more cars could have been included in this list – BMW, McLaren, Ferrari, and many others. Some people like to play such games on the computer, while others play racing games on Xbox for days. After all, every gamer is a fan of different games and remembers his virtual cars with nostalgia.

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