How to Block Twitch Ads Effectively

Twitch ads can be a bit of a mixed basket, varying between relatively unobtrusive to really annoying. However the problem is that trying to get rid of ads on Twitch is equally difficult, and almost always ends up with mixed results.

Experience Twitch Ads-Free

One way that is effective at blocking ads is contained in Twitch itself, but unfortunately it involves subscriptions. Essentially you can experience Twitch ads-free by:

  • Having an active Twitch Turbo subscription that will set you back $8.99 per month and requires an Amazon Prime subscription.
  • Subscribing to a specific channel directly that has opted to have ads-free viewing using the Prime membership monthly subscription token.

The second option will only work if the streamer has decided to allow for ads-free viewing, as is often the case – and is only specific to that channel. In both cases some payment will be required for Prime membership, and the only real question is whether you want to bump it up a tier to Twitch Turbo to go fully ads-free.

Using Ad-Blockers to Stop Twitch Ads

The other option to block ads is to use an ad-blocker – but you should expect results to vary. On their part Twitch is very proactive about frustrating ad-blockers, and it frequently makes changes that will let some ads through.

Unfortunately most ad-blockers are really just browser extensions, and their ability to cope with Twitch’s aggressive ads are limited. In some cases some ad-blockers have been known to ‘break’ the videos on Twitch due to their attempts to block ads, which could interrupt your viewing experience rather than making it smoother.

One of the best options if you want to stop Twitch Ads as effectively as possible is AdGuard. Unlike other ad-blockers AdGuard is a standalone software that you can install on your computer and will provide you with a much more powerful tool to block and filter out ads.

Suffice to say AdGuard will provide you with far more impressive results and help you to almost completely block ads when watching Twitch streams. The only ads that it can’t block are advertising that is contained within the stream itself and is inseparable from it.

For a better idea of the options that are available to you, head over to Essentially however all you need to do is select the version of AdGuard that you want based on your platform – and it will take care of the rest.

In addition to providing you with an ads-free experience on Twitch, AdGuard has a slew of other benefits that you can take advantage of. It can protect your privacy, increase security, and is highly customizable so you can tailor it based on your needs.

Simply put if you want to block ads on Twitch effectively, there is no better way than by using AdGuard. Keep in mind that if you do use it you’ll be able to block practically all other ads on various platforms and websites as well – giving you as complete an ads-free experience as possible.


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