Some Of The Fastest Cars in GTA V

    There is unlikely to ever be another game as popular or controversial as GTA V. Since its release this game has sold in record numbers worldwide. It has also attracted criticism for its realistic depictions of violent crime which have led to it being censored in a number of countries. Regardless of this, fans of the game simply can’t get enough of GTA V’s incredible graphics, engaging storyline and challenging missions.

    Without a doubt, one of the coolest aspects of the GTA V is the huge selection of vehicles that are closely based on those available in the real world. Regardless of whether you are a Maserati, BMW, Jaguar or Audi fan, GTA V’s selection of cars will have you covered. Each of the vehicles in GTA V has been designed to perform and handle just like a real car, with small on paper differences between cars actually being noticeable during gameplay.

    When choosing your vehicle in GTA V, you will almost always want something that is super-fast and still easy to handle. These criteria are crucial to ensure you make a safe getaway from the police following a robbery or shootout. Seasoned GTA players will no doubt lament the many times they have been let down by a slow or poorly handling vehicle, this can often result in arrest which really kills the fun of playing GTA V. To make choosing your car easier, today we feature some of our favourite GTA V cars with a focus on speed and overall performance.

    Pfister Comet

    For those looking for a ride that resembles and performs like a Porsche 996 GT3, the Pfister Comet is an obvious choice. It is incredibly fast and handles like a dream, a significant upgrade from the Pfister Comet that appeared in GTA IV. Whilst it remains similar to its predecessor, significant changes include the switch from all wheel drive to a rear wheel drive drivetrain. This results in handling that is more similar to the road car in which it is based and increased performance, especially when accelerating.

    Benefactor Surano

    This is one hot ride and is a welcome addition to GTA 5. It features a sleek roadster style body with looks that have taken design cues from real world cars including the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster and the ever popular Jaguar F-Type. This car has some serious power and features as supercharged 6.5L V12 power plant that will allow you to reach a top speed of an incredible 208 mph. Although it is incredibly fast, some players do complain that it can be rather difficult to handle at high speeds.

    Obey 9F

    This two door sports car has gained a ton of fans since its inclusion in GTA 5. It is offered in two variants including a roadster and a coupé. It has clearly taken its design cues from the ever popular Audi R8 and features performance that closely resembles this real world sports performance vehicle. The Obey 9F is never short of power and is able to deliver an awe inspiring 400 hp to all four wheels. The car also features a well thought out multimedia interface, which players use to control most aspects of the vehicle.


    This car certainly lives up to its name, offering performance and acceleration that leave most other cars for dead. It is also super responsive and handles like a dream, making it perfect for outrunning the police after a robbery. The visual design of the car is also sublime, featuring clean lines and an ultra-modern interior design. Breaking power is also strong, ensuring the car can quickly decelerate.

    Overflod Entity XF

    Whilst it doesn’t have the sexiest name, this car makes up for it in performance and looks. Motoring enthusiasts have suggested that it has been inspired by the real world Swedish Keonigseg CC8S. The performance of this vehicle is nothing short of exceptional with it reaching top speeds exceeding 200 mph. This makes it the perfect car for a street race or an effortless getaway from the police.

    Truffade Adder

    If you are looking for a 2 door performance vehicle, this could definitely fit the bill. The Truffade Adder is clearly based on the Bugatti Veyron in both looks and performance. It features a sleek body and hood that is coupled with a power plant that can get this car up to a top speed of 253 mph. Whilst the handling of the vehicle does take some getting used to, those who persevere will find this the perfect vehicle to either cruise in or make a dramatic getaway.


    There is certainly no shortage of high performance vehicles in GTA 5. Be sure to try the cars we featured today if you are looking for the fastest cars available.


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