Tekken 7’s newest patch fixes the most overpowered character

    Obviously the character in talk here is the infamous mister Leroy Smith, who was welcomed with great reactions upon announcement when he was revealed as a character but is greatly hated by the majority of Tekken’s community (even to this day, after the patch fixes).

    Bandai Namco, the guys behind Tekken 7 have released a few patches in the last weeks, in hopes of balancing Leroy Smith’s power, but every change they made was too small, making the community angry. Try watching the latest EVO Japan 2020, the latest major tournament, the ladder was full of Leroy Smiths. That alone should have been a huge red flag for Bandai. So, here we are, right after patch 3.20 (which introduced many cool new features to the game, like replays with gameplay tips) in which they tried to nerf Leroy, we have the glorious patch that is 3.21 and the only changes it brings is just straight-up nerfs to Leroy. Tekken’s latest character will be close to perfectly balanced, now more than ever. Read the patch notes below for detailed information:


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