• Orion: Prelude (Review)

           Starting out as one of the most buggiest, unplayable, piles of garbage that Steam has seen in recent years, Orion attempted to give us dinos to shoot long before Ark: Survival Evolved was ever a thing.  But it’s been years since its initial release and the devs have put quite some time into making it better.  The game has sold over two million units thanks to those changes, so what is it like now?  Well let’s see… The Core Gameplay         Orion: Prelude features several game modes but the focus of the game, as far as the player base is concerned, is the two survival modes (survival and conquest).  In each your goal is simply to protect the generator from the hordes…

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  • Bulletstorm Review

    Is Bulletstorm Just Another Foul-Mouthed Shooter Game? While Bulletstormmay be deemed obscene and even vulgar in nature, it’s also a welcome breath of fresh air.  If you are looking for a unique shooting game that can add humor while allowing you to cause a little mayhem, this is it!  Bulletstorm is intelligent, creative, exploding with personality and it offers fathoms of depth.  What could be better than a game that allows you to kill in like 100 different ways and offers a spectacular narration? Storyline While you may assume this game is nothing more than F-bombs, middle fingers and a whole lot of massive weapons, you actually are gifted a story underneath it all!  The creators stepped outside the box…

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