Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review

    If you are a fan like myself of the Sid Meier Civilization series of games then you more than likely have already headed out and bought your copy of this game. I was one of the first in my area to buy it and ran home as fast as I could to see what this latest offering had in store for me. I was not that surprised as it seemed like a lot of my favorite parts of the game were still in place, then I got to exploring and discovered that there are some areas where the developers made some serious changes. I would like to discuss these changes in this article and give you an idea of what to expect in case you have not ran out and got a copy of this for yourself yet.

    First there is the music that is part of the game. As in previous versions where the music seemed to just flow from one era to another, this soundtrack reflects better the precise era that you are in. this creates a more enjoyable environment for you to play in and keeps you from getting bored over the course of a rather long campaign that you might be running. The music is engaging and fun and at times you might even find yourself dancing along to it.

    There is a certain improvement that has been made to the graphics engine to bring more details to the leaders of the nations as well as when you accomplish a world wonder, you get the animation of watching the wonder as it is constructed. This is a welcomed addition from the previous versions that simply had a basic graphic of the wonder being built.

    Cities used to be able to build a whole bunch of things like markets and such per city, now you have districts. These districts allow you to manage the resources that your particular city is going to focus on. You can have a city that focuses on science or one that produces military units. If you are like myself, then you will just have all your cities produce military and just conquer the world with a strong enough military. After all that has worked for world leaders in the past right?

    All in all, this is still as fun of a game if not more so than the version that came out 25 years ago. Regardless if you have been a fan since day one or are just getting to the point that you have decided to start now, you will fall in love with the newest version and will find yourself in a situation where you will be ready to attack a nation as soon as the urge hits you. This is a classic that has gotten better with time and will continue to get better as time goes on. All these years later it still never gets old me attacking a nation and soon taking it over and making them beg me for a peace treaty.


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