Shadowlands or Dark Lands “The End of Eternity

    This article is for fans of the game World of Warcraft to provide a detailed description of the new expansion, Shadowlands or Dark Lands “The End of Eternity”.

    According to the plot, in the upcoming WoW expansion, gamers will face a new evil. The Mawlord of the Dark Lands Zovaal decides to rewrite the laws of reality. If the villain is not challenged, the Dark Lands and Astaroth will face a sad fate. You can search for Zovaal Jailer boost to buy it online at an acceptable price and enjoy the wonderful and exciting game!

    So, according to the Banshee Queen, all the races inhabiting Azeroth are actually deprived of true freedom, not only in life, where they are played by titans, aspects and other higher powers, depending on the era, but also after death, because even then the souls of mortals are controlled by the Arbiter, dooming them to one or another afterlife at their discretion. Sylvanas met the injustice of the current order of things when she died for the first time, at the same time she met with Zovaal the Jailer, and from that moment on, all her actions were aimed at implementing Zovaal’s plan – Sylvanas was supposed to send her to the Womb, which she rules and in which she is imprisoned Jailer, so many souls bypassing the Arbiter, so that the Eternal could eventually free himself, deal with other representatives of the Pantheon of Death and completely rebuild the entire cycle of life and death.

    As Sylvanas believes, in such a way that mortals finally have free will. It’s hard to say what Zovaal really intended, but looking at what the Womb looks like, it’s hard to imagine that the Eternal is driven by concern for the common good. Similarly, it is difficult to say why Sylvanas organized the kidnapping of the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance, but the fact remains – Thrall, Jaina and company were imprisoned in the Torghast tower and, despite the fact that they sometimes manage to escape, the Jailer’s servants each time find them and return them. back to imprisonment. Actually, even the intervention of the player did not help change the situation, after several hours of misadventures in the Womb, the hero has to retreat in disgrace, leaving the leaders of the factions in the clutches of the Jailer. And from that moment, in fact, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands begins for real.

    More Facts About Zovaal

    The jailer is one of the key characters in the add-on and the central figure in the events that will unfold in it. During our adventures in the Shadowlands, we learn more about who he is, what his plans are, and who he has in his allies. In the Shadowlands preview video at BlizzCon 2019, the developers showed the outlines of his figure, but did not show his full appearance. Later, concept art appeared on the network, on which this character can be seen better, it shows that the image of this hero corresponds to the one shown in the video.

    When the Shadowlands alpha went live and began datamining, a “Maw Jailer” model was found in the game files that was noticeably different from what we had previously seen, and was assigned to the regular character Zovaal Jailer, leading players to believe that this is some other jailer, not our main one.

    However, in the interview, developers said that this model definitely belongs to the most important Jailer. In the days of BlizzCon, work on the image of the character was still going on and there was nothing to demonstrate, so the developers showed only its general outlines, which simply changed by the release of the final version, and this, in turn, gave rise to a wide variety of speculation among the community players.

    The Jailer is quite large, but still inferior to some other big villains like the recent N’Zoth. During the development of Shadowlands, the developers changed the basic dimensions of his model, and now his proportions with his comrade-in-arms Sylvanas are approximately the same as those shown in the original video.

    At the same time, if we compare the Jailer with the titans of the Pantheon, which have two sizes: comparable to N’Zoth, huge and ordinary, then in the first case, he will, of course, be inferior to them in scale, and in the second, he will be very similar and quite himself Let’s compare what may indicate the possible similarity of these entities.

    It is also curious that the model of the Jailer has some similarities with the images of other important Shadowlands characters: Sylvanas and the Arbiter. Ion explained the resemblance to the appearance of Sylvanas, who now uses more spiked elements in her image, by the fact that both heroes have long been acting together and the banshee queen seems to be in the Maw covenant, therefore she has thematic armor in the spirit of this location and its leader.

    And about the similarity with the image of the Arbiter, an entity from the capital of Oribos, which judges the souls of mortals arriving in the Dark Lands, we will probably learn in the course of the development of the add-on: both heroes have the same recess in the chest, while the Jailer has it empty, and the Arbiter has some then a sphere. The characters are certainly connected to each other, and this area can be of great importance.


    Of course, it’s possible to spend many hours playing World of Warcraft, for both beginners and professional players. We hope you will spend a great time playing WoW and discovering Shadowlands. We wish you good luck and let fortune be on your side!


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