Reasons Why Sony Won This Year’s E3 Event

    The very word win implies a battle, yet that’s what E3 is often about. The three elite console manufactures were out to impress like never before, and what a war it wasn’t. Simply put, Sony didn’t just make an appearance, but rather, they showed a force which couldn’t be matched by either of the two competitors.

    Sony were on a mission to turn up and resolve a problem that has become a raised issue with the majority of 8th gen gamers. What’s this I hear you ask? Games. Whilst Sony has already impressed in this department, gamers demand far more, and this E3 event has helped to show just why Sony is attracting the largest audience.


    In my opinion, Microsoft used this year’s E3 event and once again confused things. This isn’t to say that what Microsoft announced was bad, quite the opposite, but it’s just not clear. On the one hand you’ve got the XBOX One S, presumably this stands for Slim. This is simple enough to grasp until you realise that Microsoft are also working on the XBOX One Scorpio – this more-or-less makes the XBOX One S obsolete. Why would you rush out to get a slimmer version of the XBOX One if something much better was coming? What’s more, if a drought of jaw-dropping titles were on offer, then wouldn’t it be a meaningless purchase anyway? Of course, that isn’t to say that this might not change, but looking at what’s currently available, you have to wonder.

    Both Sony and Nintendo delayed the announcement of their next ‘beats’. Many expected Nintendo to dominate the event with a strong console showing, and it would have certainly gathered many people’s attention. But, this didn’t happen. Sony has many things happening, take PlayStation VR as a fine example, and this was a larger part of Sony’s event. In fact, Sony wouldn’t have had enough room to fit in the ‘PS4 Neo’, because it was crammed pack with, well, games.

    Project Scorpio

    For me, Microsoft disappointed within the games department, and when your fans are crying out for more, that is never going to go down well. Whilst Sony fans have had some quality titles to enjoy, the same issue has applied, with gamers demanding more amazing titles to enjoy – after all, isn’t that what console gaming is all about? Buying a console should not just be for the capabilities, but rather, the amazing titles you can experience. PS4 gamers made it clear, they didn’t want to hear about a new fancy console that could do things far better than the one they’d already purchased – they wanted to learn about more quality exclusive games.

    Sony dominated this year’s E3 event, and there is more excitement to come, soon. The confusing message that Microsoft seem to continue to deliver is a road that Sony won’t want to travel down. Nintendo might have used the event to find out some details about what both Microsoft and Sony had up their sleeves in regards to new hardware, and whilst Sony didn’t fall for the bait, Microsoft seemingly did.


    Presumably, 4K gaming will potentially be coming to all three console manufactures, but the one that boasted about it the most, is the same company that lost an opportunity to attract more gamers to the system.

    God of War (Fall 2017)
    Dead Stranding (Fall 2018)
    Spider-Man (Spring 2017)
    Days Gone (Fall 2017)
    GT Sport (2016)
    Horizon Zero Dawn (February 28, 2017)
    Resident Evil 7 (January 24, 2017)
    Detroit: Become Human (Fall 2017)
    New Franchise from Naughty Dog
    Crash Bandicoot: Remastered


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